Vena Mt (CAT Equivalent) Flexible Aircraft Ducting - Cut To Length

From $4.50 to $14.95
Description ID Part No. Dash No. Price / Ft Length Buy
Ducting Vena MT5/805-29801-2A$7.75
Ducting Vena MT3/405-29802-3$6.50
Ducting Vena MT7/805-29803-3A$4.50
Ducting Vena MT105-29804-4$4.75
Ducting Vena MT1-1/405-29805-5$5.95
Ducting Vena MT1-1/205-29806-6$10.85
Ducting Vena MT1-3/405-29807-7$6.50
Ducting Vena MT205-29808-8$7.50
Ducting Vena MT2-1/405-29809-9$7.75
Ducting Vena MT2-1/205-29810-10$8.50
Ducting Vena MT2-3/405-29811-11$8.80
Ducting Vena MT305-29812-12$10.50
Ducting Vena MT3-1/405-29813-13$10.50
Ducting Vena MT3-1/205-29814-14$10.90
Ducting Vena MT3-3/405-29815-15$11.85
Ducting Vena MT405-29816-16$11.90
Ducting Vena MT4-1/205-29818-18$12.90
Ducting Vena MT505-29820-20$13.55
Ducting Vena MT605-29824-24$14.95
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Sold by the foot.

Ducting used to convey air or gaseous fluids at medium temperatures and with high resistance to aging. Vena® MT is manufactured with a fiberglass textile reinforcement and it is covered with black neoprene rubber compound and coated with steel wire. These hoses have excellent flexibility and excellent aging resistance.


These hoses are specially recommended in gas conduction at medium temperatures.
  • Electronic unit cooling.
  • Hot air conduction in printing machinery.
  • Hot air conduction in plastic bag production machinery.
  • Engine exhaust fumes extraction.
  • Welding gas suction.


This product is manufactured with two fiber glass textile reinforcements covered with neoprene rubber compound in black and coated with non-visible steel wire.


Operational temperature range from -55ºC (-67ºF) to +125ºC (257ºF). It may reach up to 150ºC (302ºF) during short periods of time.


  • The fiber glass covered with neoprene used to manufacture this product is classified as M1 according to UNE 23.727-90 Standard.
  • The fiber glass covered with neoprene doesn’t contain heavy metals and any fireproof substance.
  • UNI CEI 11170-3 “Acceptance criteria for materials and components of equipment”
  • DIN 5510-2 “Fire tests for railway components

Available Sizes

Stock diameter listed in ordering grid. Diameters not listed are available as a special order in full lengths only. Full factory lengths are up to 13 ft. Varies by warehouse. For lengths over 13 ft, contact sales to confirm availability.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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correct size and works as it should

April 19, 2021

As usual, up to the Aircraft Spruce standard. Getting very ho hum, I like it that way.

Paul R
December 1, 2020

I did not use this for its intended purpose on an aircraft. Instead I used it as heat tubes on my Volkswagen. It not only looks better than the original version but it is so much easier to work with. Love it!

Tobias R
October 28, 2020

Just what I needed...

Robert H
October 9, 2020

Top quality ducting, Great price, incredibly fast processing of orders every time. I often use this for classic car intake ducting, or using SCAT heat ducting in air cooled Porsche.

May 11, 2020

Easy to work with and works great for heat ducting for my Porsche 911

Jeff A
May 7, 2020

Very well packed, very high quality CAT tubing, fast delivery.

Scott J
February 14, 2020

just what I wanted and in a timely manner !

Daniel V
August 25, 2019

Great product. Unfortunately wrong size for my application. My error.

June 28, 2019

Fast shipping, well packaged, excellent ducting. Using this on my car for brake ducting. Looks to be just the ticket, thanks AS!

April 11, 2019


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Q: Hello, If I purchase 3 foot of CAT Ducting will it come in 3 individual one foots or will it come in one 3 foot length? Thanks Adrian

An order for 3 feet will be delivered at 3 continuous feet, unless noted in special instructions to cut into 3, 1 foot lengths.

Q: Is the dash number of the CAT hose in feet? In other words, is a -24, 24 feet long?

No, the dash number is the extension used after CAT to complete the industry standard part number. For example, the part number would be CAT-2A, CAT-3, etc. All CAT ducting is priced and sold per foot, so to get 24 feet, order quantity 24.

Q: What is the weight per foot for the 2" CAT Ducting, part # 05-29808?

The weight per foot would be .14lbs.

Q: Is part # 05-29808 black not orange? (I want black)

Yes, 05-29808 is black.

Q: Is the material thickness of the red silicone rubber the same for SCAT4, SCAT8 and SCAT9?

Yes, the only difference is the diameter of the ducting. The material is the same.

Q: My Cessna IPC shows a p/n s1053e8t12.00 (the 12.00 = 12long). Does this number cross with your p/n and tell you the hose diameter?

No, this part number does not cross over.