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EZ Flap is the big performance & safety upgrade for manual flap aircraft. Now you can sit upright while using the flaps, and stay focused on takeoff/landing, terrain, traffic, and instruments. No more bending over, no more lost visibility. EZ Flap finally allows the safe use of advanced & expert STOL flap techniques for MAX performance!

Regardless of “inertia reels”, fixed harness, or no shoulder harness at all… you are guaranteed to have faster, better, and more precise control of your flaps.

Mounts to OEM flap handle with no disassembly in 30 minutes. Proudly made in the USA. FAA approved on 95% of all US manual flap aircraft.



  • More Performance - More Safety - More Control - More Visibility
  • No Distractions During Takeoff & Landing
  • Sit Upright - eyes out of the cockpit - face out of the panel
  • No more bending forward and down for the flap handle
  • FAA Approved on all 4 Seat: Cessna - Piper - Maule - Stinson - Beechcraft With Manual Flaps



Greatest invention since sliced bread! I have owned my 1958 Cessna 172 since 1985. Best $500 I have spent On this wonderful machine. Something has happened to my body over the years. Gradually, almost insidiously, It became more difficult to reach for the flap handle without me realizing it. Consequently, I gradually shunned using flaps and just slipped to landings on all but the shortest fields. Old age has a way of sneaking up on a person. My son is now the same age I was when I purchased the airplane. When he asked me why I wasted $500, I simply told him he will understand when he reaches my age. I have now rediscovered the use of flaps without the pain to apply flaps and much more quickly to retracting them , enabling shorter stopping distances. A great product for those pilots that are somewhat physically challenged. Perhaps, the best way to put it is either get the EZ Flap extension or an airplane with electric flaps! Either way, your body will thank you in return. Lloyd Mason

Lloyd M
October 9, 2020

Excellent idea and implementation. Very much an ergonomic improvement! Less leaning forward to actuate flaps especially that first click, and more sitting straight up with shoulder straps tighter. Construction good and installation straightforward. Wish I had thought of this STC!

David E
August 3, 2020

A. A
August 3, 2020

Best upgrade, easy to installed and use, and great for safety, during flap operation outside vision always maintained.

Marc B
April 15, 2019

This EZE Flap / flap extender is a great addition to my 108-3 allows me to have much better control of my flap settings and without having to bend over. For me its most beneficial on landing when control is most critical, I can get the flaps out much faster now and never lose sight of the runway. Great addition to my aircraft. Bob Crow N743C

Bob C
August 5, 2018

Installed in my 175 in less than 10 minutes. Now, I can wear the shoulder restrains. The flap handle is close enough that I dont bend down and loose sight of the final. Worth every dime.

Michel B
March 4, 2018

Completely agree with Mathew L, not having inertia belts meant having the seat belts very loose, and reaching down your head was below the panel. This spoilt your perspective of the approach. worth every cent.

Tom O
September 15, 2017

Big safety improvement in our plane's operation. After a year's use I can say that this EZ Flap Handle Extension works great in our 1957 Cessna 172 (tailwheel conversion), with fixed shoulder straps. Previously, with shoulder harness engaged, the flap handle was not reachable without releasing strap tension. With the handle extension, 10 and 20 degrees of flaps come right to hand. Additional flap deployment of 30 and 40 degrees is accomplished by grasping the flap handle's original grip. No more messing with the shoulder harness when I want flaps now. Solid construction, effortless use.

Matthew L
November 25, 2014

Work great but after 30 landing the release cable broke

June 25, 2019

make sure you order the appropriate spacer when you order the kit

Aero C
January 29, 2016


Q: Regarding the EZ Flap: How do you push the button to release the flaps with this device installed?

The short answer is that there is a trigger on the EZ Flap which the pilot pulls with their finger, right underneath the grip, that "pushes the button" on the aircraft flap system. Note, the "Trigger" is a remote release using a "Bowden Cable". mechanism.

Q: After installation of the EZ flap extension handle, do I require sign-off by AME (Canadian Aircraft)?

Yes, the EZ Flap will require the same AME signoff as for any approved STC modification. The product is fully STC-PMA approved in the US, and this approval is accepted without difficulty in Canada for a US-built aircraft (Cessna, Piper, Maule , Stinson, Beech). Because the EZ Flap is very simple and risk-free to install, the overwhelming majority of government inspectors (IA in the US, AME in Canada) will allow the owner to do most or all of the installation work and simply inspect it and sign it off afterwards. The entire installation manual is available for free download in the 'Documents' tab on this web page.

Q: Does the purchase price include the STC or is there an added fee for the STC?

Yes, the STC paperwork is in the box.