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The ARTEX ELT 1000 is a value-priced upgrade to standard 121.5 MHz transmitters, which are no longer monitored by the Cospas-Sarsat system. The 406 MHz transmitter produces a much more accurate position, typically 3 kilometers as compared with 15 to 20 kilometers for 121.5 MHz transmitters. When coupled to the aircraft navigation system via a navigation interface, the ELT 1000's accuracy improves to approximately 100 meters.


  • Model: ELT 1000
  • Antenna Options Available: Rod: 110-338 or 8603 or Whip: 110-773
  • Operating Frequencies: 406 MHz, 121.5 MHz +/- 5 KHz, GPS Interface
  • GPS: Built-in GPS Navigational Interface
  • Output Power: 406 MHz: 5 W (440 ms/ 50 sec) for 24 hours @ -20C to +55C, 121.5 MHz: 100 mW minimum for 50 hours @ -20C to +55C
  • Output Connector: BNC Female (406 MHz; 121.5 MHz)
  • Activation: Automatic by 4.5 feet per second (2.3 G) Primary G-Switch or Manual Activation
  • Battery: 6 year Lithium (LiSO2)
  • Temperature Certified to: Operating: -20C to +55C, Storage: -55C to +85C
  • Self Test: G-Switch Enabled, 406 MHz Power, Antenna/Coax Connection, Low Battery
  • Remote Control: ON/ARM/TEST
  • Weight (with tray): 2.2 lbs (996 g)
  • Measurements: ELT Transmitter with mounting hardware installed: 6.6 x 2.9 x 3.7 (167 x 73 x 94 mm)
  • Approvals: Cospas-Sarsat, FAA TSO

In The Box

Unit without Antenna: ELT base pack, 406 MHz ELT, installation hardware, audio buzzer and mount tray. No remote switch included.

Unit with Whip Antenna: ELT base pack, 406 MHz ELT with whip antenna (110-773), remote switch, installation kit, audio buzzer, and connectors.

Unit with Rod Antenna: ELT base pack, 406 MHz ELT with rod antenna (110-338), remote switch, installation kit, audio buzzer, and connectors.
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I put the ELT 1000 in my AA5B due to a choice of antennas, but wish I had bought the 345. Installation is a real problem because there are firmware issues, make sure you read ACR Advisory Notice #002 available on their website before attempting to install. Spruce should put this warning on the product page.

Dennis C
February 4, 2018


Q: For P/N 11-13019 (ARTEX 406 MHZ ELT 1000 BASE PACK W/O ANTENNA INT). What is included?

This ELT 1000 kit includes ELT base pack, 406 MHz ELT, installation hardware, audio buzzer and mount tray.

Q: Can an antenna from a previous version be used with this Artex ELT 1000?

The ELT 1000 broadcasts on the 406 frequency. If you previous ELT was a 406 model then you can keep the antenna. If it was 121.5 you will need to install a new antenna.

Q: Is the Artex 406 MHZ ELT 1000 base pack unit suitable for installation in a helicopter?

No, this unit is only for fixed wing aircraft.

Q: How long is the whip antenna?

The Artex ME406 Whip Antenna is 14 inches long.

Q: Is the battery pack included with the Artex 406 ELT 1000?

Yes, the battery pack is included.

Q: What is the big difference between the whip antenna and the rod antenna. Is the rod antenna some sort of a GPS antenna ?

The difference is the aircraft application. The whip antenna is intended for slower speed aircraft. The rod antenna is intended for faster aircraft installations.