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Part# 11-18257
MFR Model# 89000026-001-0000


The AeroPanel 100 audio panel is a highly-advanced product designed to be easy to use and with connectivity choices that you expect from a world-class modern audio panel. The technologically-advanced, cost-effective AeroPanel 100 is a feature-rich system that is perfect for the pilot, the crew and the passengers – each getting their own audio streams when and where needed. It is quite possibly one of the best price-to-performance audio panels ever engineered for general aviation purpose.


  • AeroPanel 100 offers a wide range of features that help you make your flight more enjoyable not only with a rich sound system but with easyto-use interfaces and functions. The intelligent AeroPanel 100 requires near-zero training time, no need for memorization of actions and no need to re-learn at any time. All buttons are clearly marked, with intuitive functions that you are already used to in your previous audio panels. There is no need for a “cheat-sheet” that may be required in competing products. Practically, all functions are easily accessible via the buttons on the front panel.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity, expected from any advanced audio panel, is a standard feature on AeroPanel 100. The major advantage that AeroPanel 100 offers is its ability to pair more than one Bluetooth device at a time. Products that are unable to pair with more than one device at a time limit the ability of pilot/crew to listen to different streams at the same time.
  • AeroPanel 100 can connect to two devices simultaneously. Additionally, thesecond Bluetooth module can stream audio that the pilot hears to a Bluetooth enabled device, such as an iPhone (using a free iOS application calledFlightLink®) or a video camera such as the Garmin VIRB®. This can be a greatmethod to wirelessly stream audio to a digital video camera, for example whenused as a training tool.
  • Essentially, the passengers will only hear what the intercom is configured for them to hear. In “ISO” mode, passengers will hear themselves and the co-pilot. In “ALL” mode, everyone will hear everything including radio, and in “CREW” mode the passengers will only hear themselves and not the aircraft radios. Furthermore, Bluetooth® connectivity enables pilots to have access to their Bluetooth-enabled telephones. This capability enables the pilot to contact ATC via a telephone while the engine(s) is running and the radios are tuned and set. The phone becomes a third transmitter for IFR clearances.

Slide-In Replacement
  • AeroPanel 100 has been certified and can easily be installed in any Part 23class 1, II and III aircraft. The AeroPanel 100 is a slide-in replacement for some outdated, legacy audio systems (GMA™ 340). The shorter replacement timeframe translates into lower aircraft downtime that decreases operational costsfor fleet/charter operators and OEMs. It also means that as a user you get to fly and enjoy your brand-new audio system sooner.


  • Approved Basis: FAA TSO C35d, c50c / EASA ETSO C50G C35d
  • Certification Documents: RTCNDO-214 RTCNDO.143 RTCAJ / DO-160D / RTCAJDO-178B DO-254 / 6-place Stereo.
  • Transmitter Selection: 2 selections (Com 1, Com 2)
  • Receiver Inputs: 5 inputs (Nav 1, Nav 2, MKR, AUX/DME*) DME is switched with AUX input
  • Marker Beacon: Internal
  • Un-switched Inputs: 4
  • Power Requirements: 11 to 33 VDC, 2.5 Amp
  • Output: Power
  • Speaker: 3 Watts (14V), 10 Watts (28 Volts)
  • Headphones: 38 mW each headset, no clipping <1%
  • distortion typical
  • Audio Frequency Response: ±3 db, 300 Hz-6000 Hz
  • Entertainment Frequency Response: ±3 db, 20 Hz 18 kHz
  • Weight: 1.85 1b.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.3 in. (3.3 cm) x 6.25 in. (16.9 cm) x 7.15 in. (18.16 cm)
  • Environmental Qualification: RTCA DO-160D
  • Temperature Range: -150 C to 550C
  • Altitude: 50,000 feet unpressurized
  • Marker Receiver: 75 MHz, Crystal Controlled
  • External Marker Outputs: Lights and MM sense output


  • Music Distribution – unlike legacy audio panels that only allow everyone to listen to the same stream at any point in time, AeroPanel 100 offers three music distribution modes: standard, music via Bluetooth, alternate music.
  • IntelliAudio® – this standard feature is one of the most advanced
  • capabilities of AeroPanel 100. It enables manageability in listening to
  • multiple radio calls that are occurring simultaneously. With Com 1 in the
  • 10 o’clock position and Com 2 in the 2 o’clock position, pilots can prioritize
  • to listen to the radio that they deem most important at any one instance
  • of time. IntelliAudio® enables the pilot to pay attention to the radio that
  • is important at any instant in time, making radio communications during
  • busy workloads easier.
  • Alternate Intercom Function – AeroPanel 100 can control the distribution
  • of aircraft radio within the intercom. While in “Standard Intercom Function”
  • mode, the audio panel’s intercom works like all other aircraft intercoms
  • with the ISO, ALL, and CREW modes.
  • Streamer Output – this capability allows wireless pairing to digital video
  • cameras which enables seamless transmission of all the audio that
  • the pilot hears. By using devices such as a digital video camera or iOS
  • applications, all the audio from a flight can be stored for review at a
  • later time.


  • Approved Basis: FAA TSO C35d, c50c EASA ETSO C50G C35d
  • Certification Documents: RTCNDO-214 RTCNDO.143 RTCAJ DO-160D RTCAJDO-178B DO-254
  • Environmental Qualification: TRCA DO-160D AI DI CABSMXXXXXXZBATBXXQXXX