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Part# 10-05525
MFR Model# 010-01173-00


Note: GXM 42 will not work within Canada unless you have a US Sirius subscription. US Sirius subscription requires a US postal address for activation.

The Garmin GXM 42 portable SiriusXM Aviation weather receiver that when paired with an aera 796 allows pilots to access new weather services made available by SiriusXMs enhanced satellite network.

The updated SiriusXM Aviation service gives pilots access to comprehensive weather products as they become available, allowing operators to make educated decisions in-flight as it relates to weather.

The GXM 42 is the latest addition to a vast lineup of weather antenna receivers to offer state-of-the-art SiriusXM Aviation information.

GXM 42 can also receive SiriusXM Satellite Radio for an additional fee.

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Q: Will the Garmin GMX 42 Sirius XM receiver work in the Philippines?

The Garmin GMX 42 Sirius XM receiver is only designed to work in the United States.

Q: Will the Garmin GMX 42 Sirius XM receiver work in the northern Mexico?

The GXM 42 will only work approximately 30 miles south of the U.S. border.

Q: Will the Garmin GXM 42 work in Canada?

Only the southernmost part of Canada close to the U.S. border.

Q: I have a Garmin Aera 796 without the GXM42 ANTENNA. Can I just buy the GXM 42 now and get the weather and Sirius xm on my current 796?

Yes, you can buy the GXM 42 antenna to add XM weather to your 796 at any time.

Q: I have a Garmin 795, can I buy the Garmin GXM 42 and get SiriusXM?

No, only the 796 can display XM weather. If you remove the battery on your GPS and it says 795 then no. If it says 796, then it will work.

Q: Is the GXM 42 compatible with the Garmin GPSMAP 696?

Yes, the GXM 42 antenna can be used with the 696.

Q: Does the GXM 42 work with a 496?

Per the manufacturer, no, they are not compatible.