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Part# 10-05503
MFR Model# 010-11689-08


Note: For use with the Garmin G3X and other Garmin Portable systems only.

Note 2: GDL 39 can only receive ADS-B information in the USA.

A remote-mountable version of the product, the GDL 39R, provides subscription-free U.S. weather and traffic information, complete with TargetTrend™ relative motion and SURF technologies, to your experimental or light sport aircraft’s G3X flight display. It can also simultaneously connect to two other devices – like a Garmin aviation portable or mobile device running Garmin Pilot – using a wireless Bluetooth® connection.


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My rating is only due to the fact I could not use this product. Because the GDL-39r gets wired into the aircraft buss strip, it cannot be installed in certified aircraft. It is not STCd or PMAd for certified aircraft. The GDL-39 is being used in a lot of certified aircraft, through a cigarette lighter plug (supposedly) and as the GDL-39r is hardwired--its a no go. No where in the Aera 660 documentation, the GDL-39r documentation or the any of the websites I looked at to purchase the device, did this item specify Experimental Only As the GDL-39 was being called out as the ADS-B in solution for the Aera 660 and I saw people using the GDL-39 being used in certified aircraft, I felt the only difference was the added cost and the fact it was remotely installed. I think Garmin and its retailer should make this clearer to customers. Even in the Q&A section for the GDL-39r, this is not at all made clear. LIVE AND LEARN...

William T
March 12, 2021


Q: What traffic services will I receive from the GDL 39?

The GDL 39 has the ability to receive two types of traffic; air-to-air and ground-to-air. The GDL 39 can detect and display other aircraft in the vicinity of your aircraft, that are equipped with an ADS-B Out transponder with ES (Extended Squitter) or a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT). The GDL 39 also has the ability to receive Traffic Information Service (TIS-B) from FAA ground stations transmitted over the 1090 MHz datalink. TIS-B traffic includes targets being tracked through ADS-B technology and paints a comprehensive picture of traffic within +/- 15NM and +/- 3,500 feet of your position. This traffic service will only be available to aircraft that are equipped with an approved ADS-B Out solution and a certified WAAS GPS position source.

Q: How can I update the firmware on the GDL 39?

The process for updating the firmware will vary depending on what device you are using with the GDL 39. If you are using the GDL 39 along with a Garmin aviation portable device the software will be received through the portable device. The software for your portable can be obtained by either visiting or using our WebUpdater program. If you are using the GDL 39 along with an iOS or Android moible device you can use the GDL 39 Utility Application available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. This is a free download and requires a Bluetooth connection between the GDL 39 and the mobile device. In either case, the unit will only update when connected to an external power source.

Q: How many devices can I connect to the GDL 39?

The GDL 39 can be connected to as many as three devices at one time. A connection to the GDL 39 can be made two different ways; either by using a power/data cable or a Bluetooth connection. The GDL 39 can be connected to several Garmin aviation portables via a power/data cable (included with the GDL 39) as well as two bluetooth enabled devices (i.e. aera 796, iPad, or Android tablet). Compatible Garmin Aviation products include the aera 795/796, aera 5XX Series, GPSMAP 695/696, GPSMAP 495/496, GPSMAP 396, G3X Garmin Pilot Application for iOS and Android tablets and phones.

Q: What weather services will I receive from the GDL 39?

The GDL 39 has the ability to receive subscription free Flight Information Service (FIS-B) that is broadcast from FAA ground stations around the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. FIS-B weather products include NEXRAD in the Continental U.S., NEXRAD Regional, TFR, TAF, PIREP, NOTAM, SIGMET/AIRMET, METAR, and Winds Aloft information. One key difference between FIS-B and satellite based weather services is that FIS-B is broadcast from the ground upward. Therefore your proximity to the ground station may present some line-of-sight disturbances and services may not be received until airborne.

Q: Can the GDL 39 display traffic and weather on my certified panel mounted avionics?

No, the GDL 39 will only interface with Garmin Aviation portables and experimental products, as well as iOS and Android tablets and phones. These products include the aera 796/795, GPSMAP 696/695, aera 5XX Series, GPSMAP 496/495, GPSMAP 396, and the G3X.

Q: Do I need an antenna with the Garmin GDL 39 Remote unit?

The GDL 39 Remote unit requires two antennas. One for GPS/WAAS and one to receive the ADS-B frequency. The GA 35 and AV-74 antennas would be good choices.

Q: How does the 39 determine an aircraft's heading, so as to properly display the position of traffic and weather relative to the aircraft's orientation? If the weather and traffic is displayed on a device, such as a 796, can you still choose a course-up display, and have the ADS-B information oriented properly? Thanks!

The orientation of the aircrafts heading is determined by the GPS which the GDL 39 is plugged into. The GDL 39 does not have internal AHRS data.

Q: Does Garmin plan to introduce a 3D version of the GDL 39R remote mount ADS-B receiver with an internal AHRS like the portable unit currently offers? This would be even better now that ForeFlight is compatible with the GDL 39 series.

The GDL 39R is designed for the G3X system, which already has synthetic vision. We have not heard of any plans to release a 3D version.

Q: Will my Garmin GA25 antenna work with the Remote GDL 39?

The GDL 39 Remote unit requires two antennas. One for GPS/WAAS and one to receive the ADS-B frequency. The GA 35 and AV-74 antennas would be good choices. The GA 25 is not compatible.

Q: Can the GDL39 provide GPS information to a Trig TT31?

No, it cannot.