Part# 11-00051
MFR Model# 010-10052-04


This new and improved remote antenna runs on a lower voltage, so battery drain is minimized. Comes with 2 mounting options: Magnetic Mount - For the outside of your vehicle or boat. Suction Mount - Holds antenna in place against the inside of your windshield or window. Comes with 8 feet of cable and BNC connector. Size: 2.75"L X 2"W X .75"H

Compatible Devices

  • GDL 51R
  • Garmin GPSMAP 196, 296, 396, 478, 492, 495, 496
  • 660 Series Portables
  • GDL 51R
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I am pleased the Antenna was just what I needed in the Aircraft to pick up all of the satellites. it seems to be well made. Works Great.

Donald E
November 9, 2019


Q: Can the GA-26C be used (for the incoming GPS satellite signals) with the GDL-39R?

The manufacturer has stated that it will work with the GDL-39R.

Q: Will the GA 26C antenna work with the Garmin 20A WAAS Position source?

No, you will need the GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna.

Q: What is the frequency of operation of this Garmin GA 26C antenna?

The frequency range for this antenna is 1565 to 1585 MHz.

Q: Can the GA-26C be used as a remote antenna for the Garmin G5?

No, for the Garmin G5, you will need the GA 35 WAAS GPS.

Q: in your Q&A for Ga 26C antenna you said it can not be used for a Garmin G5. Yet in your Q&A for the G5 (non-Certified) in one of the answers you say it can be used for G5. Please clarify.

This antenna can be used for GPS signal in an experimental situation. If you are flying a certified aircraft you will require the GA 35.

Q: Will the Garmin GA 26C antennae work with a Garmin 396 GPS?

Yes, this works with Garmin GPSMAP 196, 296, 396, 495, 496 as well as the Aera 660 series.

Q: I have two G5s (one as an attitude gyro and one for a DG) can I get a cable made that splits the GPS signal so both G5s get GPS info?

You will want to use a can-bus connection (pins 1 and 2 on the g5). This is a simple 2 conductor shielded wire that transmits the GPS signal between both units.

Q: The current Garmin G5 manual specifically says the GA-26C antenna is supported.

Yes, this antenna is supported on the experimental G5. On the certified G5, you will need 10-06987.