MGL Vega VHF Controller

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Part# 11-16599


The Vega 2-1/4" VHF controller connects to the V16 Com for full control. Connect any number of Vega's (and Razors) to your V16 Com radio.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Panel Cutout Size: 2 1/4 Round
  • Display: Color 1.8 TFT Display
  • Control: Two Knobsb
  • Internal Communication: CAN Bus (to communicate with V16 and other Controllers)
  • Serial Port: For SL30/SL40 Communication (third party devices)
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Auto-Dimming
  • 2 Discrete Inputs: Recall last transmission and/or to select channels with HOTAS, and/or Remote Flip/Flop
  • On Screen Warnings: Stuck Mic, Antenna Mismatch
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Bought the Vega along with the V16. The Vega display is bright even in bright sun under the bubble canopy. Easy to operate in bumpy conditions and menu is easy to navigate. Works well in my Kr2.

Roger B Verified Purchase


August 30, 2022

Yet to install

Art O Verified Purchase


August 9, 2022

Another good experience with Michigan Avionics customer support. The user manual for the Razor control head does not appear to be available here on the Spruce website nor on the Michigan Avionics site. I used my Michigan Avionics online account to open a support ticket with them last evening to get a copy of the manual and it was emailed to me this morning. Thanks, Adam, at Michigan Avionics. There might be some product link problems here on the Spruce page. I hit the link to submit a review for the Razor touch screen control head but this review modal is listing the product as the Mgl Vega Vhf Controller, which is not correct. I hope this review makes it to the correct product page.

March 5, 2021

Super lightweight and small. I put in in a corner of my panel and it easy to read and operate. Very happy with the ease of installation and simple wiring. Only sorta gotcha was the Allen head mounting screws and the nuts that they send with the unit. I tossed them because they didn’t go with anything else on the panel.

Michael W
December 20, 2019

The advertising fails to state if it just the control head and or the radio. Aircraft Spruce habitually minimize and incorrectly get buyers attention before bumping them or upgrading by failing to state all the modules required to be purchased. Then there is the installation kit, thats right, what you expect with the item comes as a separate package.

Ram J
October 19, 2021


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Q: Is there a built in intercom on the MGL Vega VHF Controller?

Yes, this has a built-in intercom.

Q: Where can I purchase a harness for this?

Please contact our Avionics Sales department at 800-826-3160 for a custom harness for this unit.

Q: will the RAMI AV-534 / AV-534L VHF COM ANTENNA FAA TSO be a suitable match for this transceiver?

Yes this Rami antenna is compatible with P/N 11-16599.

Q: Will the Vega head display the SWR signal, like the Blaze head does?

Yes, no TX Info/Show TX info. Change this field between two states to either show TX information (power and VSWR) during TX or not.