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Part# 13-22417


This book will serve both EASA and FAA Part 147 schools as well as students and experienced technicians wishing a complete understanding of both basic and the most advanced helicopters from rotor and flight controls through all basic aircraft systems including electric, hydraulic, environmental, fire protection, as well as avionics and onboard maintenance systems, and more.

Note:The content and layout of this book is provided by TEC Aviation Academy of Copenhagen Denmark. It is unlike the others in the ATB Part 66 series as it reads more like a powerpoint presentation than a traditional textbook.

Table of Contents

Rotary Wing Aerodynamics:
  • Terminology
  • Gyroscopic precession
  • Torque reaction and directional control
  • Dissymmetry of lift, blade up stall
  • Translating tendency
  • Coriolis effect
  • Vortex ring state, power settling, overpitching
  • Auto-rotation
  • Ground effect
Flight Control Systems:
  • Cyclic control
  • Collective control
  • swashplate
  • Yaw control, anti-torque, tail rotor, bleed air
  • Main rotor head
  • Blade dampers
  • Rotor blade construction and attachment
  • Trim control
  • System operation, manual, hydraulic, electrical, fly-by-wire
  • Artificial feel
  • Balance and rigging
Blade Tracking and Vibration Analysis:
  • Rotor alignment
  • Rotor tracking
  • Static and dynamic balance
  • Vibration types and reduction
  • Ground resonance
  • Gear boxes
  • Main and tail rotors clutches; free wheel and rotor brakes tail rotor drive shafts, flexible couplings, bearings, vibration dampers, bearing hangers
Airframe Structures:
  • Airworthiness requirements for structural strength
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary structures
  • Fail safe, safe life, and damage tolerance
  • Zonal and station identification
  • Stresses and strains
  • Drains and ventilation
  • System installation provisions
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Construction methods
  • Pylon, stabilizer, and undercarriage attachments
  • Seat installation
  • Doors; construction, mechanisms, operation
  • Windows and windscreens
  • Fuel storage
  • Firewalls
  • Engine mounts
  • Structure assembly techniques
  • Surface protection
  • Surface cleaning
  • Airframe symmetry
Air Conditioning:
  • Air supply
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Flow and temperature control
  • Protection and warning devices
Instrument and Avionics Systems:
  • Pitot static instruments
  • Gyroscopic instruments
  • Compass instruments
  • Vibration indication (HUMS)
  • Glass cockpit
  • Other system indications
  • Avionics fundamentals and operation
  • Auto flight
  • Communication systems
  • Navigation systems
Electrical Power:
  • Battery installation and operation
  • DC power generation
  • AC power generation
  • Emergency power generation
  • Voltage regulation
  • Circuit protection
  • Power distribution
  • Inverters, transformers, rectifiers
  • External power
Equipment and Furnishings:
  • Seats, harnesses, and belts
  • Lifting systems
  • Emergency floatation systems
  • Cabin layout
  • Cargo retention
  • Equipment layout
  • Cabin furnishing installation
Fire Protection:
  • Fire and smoke detection and warning
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • System tests
Fuel Systems:
  • System layout
  • Fuel tanks
  • Supply systems
  • Dumping, venting, and draining
  • Cross feed and transfer
  • Indications and warnings
  • Refueling and defueling
Hydraulic Power:
  • System layout
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Reservoirs and accumulators
  • Pressure generation; electric, mechanical, pneumatic
  • Emergency pressure generation
  • Filters
  • Pressure control
  • Power distribution
  • Indication and warning
  • Interface with other systems
Ice and Rain Protection:
  • Ice formation, classification, detection
  • Anti-icing and de-icing systems
  • Rain repellent and removal
  • Probe and drain heating
  • Wiper systems
Landing Gear:
  • Construction, shock absorbing
  • Extension and retraction systems
  • Indication and warnings
  • Wheels, tires, brakes
  • Steering
  • Air-ground sensing
  • Skids, floats
  • External, navigation, landing, taxiing
  • Internal, cabin, cockpit, cargo
  • Emergency
  • System layout
  • Sources; engine APU, compressors, reservoirs, ground supply
  • Pressure control
  • Distribution
  • Indications and warning
  • Interfaces with other systems
Integrated Modular Avionics:
  • Typically integrated functions
  • Core system
  • Network components
On Board Maintenance Systems:
  • Central maintenance computers
  • Data loading systems
  • Electronic library system
  • Printing
  • Structure monitoring
Information Systems:
  • Storing, updating, and retrieving data
  • General information systems
  • Flight deck information
  • Maintenance information systems
  • Cabin information system
  • Misc information system


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