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Part# AN4062-1
MFR Model# AN4062-1


These plugs are used to prevent rust and corrosion in engines while in storage. Contain silica gel which turns from blue to pink when moisture is absorbed. Reusable and refillable. The pink silica gel may be reactivated (after removing from reservoir) by heating for 16 hours at 250F.

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Just what I needed for the time between installing the exhaust on my experimental aircraft and first engine start. Gives some peace of mind as the clock ticks.

Mark E
February 28, 2019

John R
March 8, 2018

Used this dehydrator plug to replace the ones that came with the Tanis kit. Far superior quality, easy to refill dehydrator with fresh desiccant when needed. Definitely recommend this for engine preservation.

Dennis O
June 13, 2017

I like using these if Im doing maintenance on my airplane that might take several weeks to complete. The plugs are easy to regenerate at low temp in a toaster oven (I remove the silica gel to regenerate and then pour it back in when done). The units do not thread in very well, though - even on a new cylinder. Seems like I might get one thread or so engaged, but that is good enough to work well (doesnt seem to have a significant leak that causes fast deterioration of the desiccant.

July 19, 2019

Plugs work fairly well, only they dont screw in as easy as they should. I had mine in my engine for a year, and the silica slowly turned pink showing they were absorbing water vapor. It only took one hour in the oven to bring back the dark blue color....ready for use again. They are kind of fragile...handle with care.

Forrest M
November 8, 2018

I dont give the 5 stars only because my A&P had a little trouble installing them due to the rubber part doesnt turning easy. My husband had those installed years ago in another engine and he didnt have trouble. I dont understand.

July 25, 2017

Very hard to screw into cylinder. Desiccant was pink when I received the plugs. Put desiccant in oven overnight to dry it out.

Kelvin R
May 31, 2020

Threads are too tight for O-200 engine. I can only screw them in part way, and the rubber seal does not seat.

Matthew J
November 17, 2017

Two comments on these Dehydrator Plugs, and I see by the others submitted that everyone else has experienced the same problems. 1. Arrived already pink. 2. The threads are absolutely terrible. I could only get about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn on each plug. I didnt have an 18mm die to chase the threads so I wasted way too much time messing with a jewelers file on each one before they would fit. And yes, my regular Champions will screw in by hand all the way to the copper gasket, so its not a case of dirty threads. Absolutely no quality control on these very marginal items two stars are generous. Richard B.

Richard E
August 27, 2019

fragile. hard to thread in and out. use at your own risk!

Peter R
June 11, 2019


Q: Do the dehydrator plugs come with silica gel/desiccant or do you have to buy it separately?

The AN4062-1 Dehydrator plugs come with the silica gel / desiccant. It is sold separately in case customers need more gel but already have the plugs.

Q: What size are the threads for the dehydrator plugs?

The thread size is 18mm threads.

Q: Do you have 14 mm dehydrator plugs?

No. We do not stock 14MM dehydrator plugs, but if you let our sales staff know how many you need, we can try to special order them for you.