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For horizontal or angle-mounted filters. No more messy oil changes!

Catches the Oil & the Filter
No Dripping. No Spillage. No Messy Clean-Ups.

Easy To Use
Slide Bib Around the Oil Filter, pull up on Tabs and Tilt to Form a Seal, and unscrew the Oil Filter.

Withstands High Temperature
Will not melt, weaken or leak from Hot Engine Oil and Filter.
    Great for filters in tight places
    Fits any sized filter
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If you follow the instructions exactly, you wont spill a drop.

Roger F
October 8, 2020

This has been a great help in reducing the mess while changing my oil filter. I cut the safety wire turn the filter loose 1/4 turn then put the filter bib on. I then can turn the filter off without getting oil dripping into the engine compartment. I can then take the oil filter to the bench to open it up for inspection and contain the oil in the envelope. A handy product that I will take with me on my Alaska trip.

Otto K
July 9, 2020

Works quite well. Minimizes the mess of a DIY oil change. Just make sure to follow the printed instructions. Definitely worth the cost. The used filter will drop right into the bib when you unscrew it.

April 16, 2020

During the Covid-19 out break order the oil filter and bibs always great service at Spruce!

Donald A
March 31, 2020

I have changed my oil and filter in my 172 twice now with these bibs and have got no oil spilled on my engine or hangar floor. If you read the instructions and carefully place the bibs properly they are easy to use and worth every penny. I highly recommend them !!

Paul T
May 4, 2019

It is the second time I used the bib to remove oil filter. A very tight space around filter make it impossible to possible the cleanest oil filter removal process since owning an aircraft. I watch the video and make a lot cleaner.

Alexander L
December 31, 2018

These are very handy and worth the money

October 11, 2018

Worked well on my Piper PA28. There isnt much room between the filter and the fire wall, but was able to work the bag into place. No problems with the bag tearing. I will definitely use these from not on.

July 2, 2018

I love these. Changing my oil used to produce such a horrific mess on the floor. But with this bib, only a few drops of oil made it to the floor. Highly recommended.

Matt R
March 5, 2018

Used on a PA-32-300 which has very little filter-to-firewall clearance. I made a mess during my first oil change and this product helped prevent that on my 2nd change. I read the reviews about seams tearing so carefully maneuvered it around wires, hoses, and components before removing the screw-on filter. I had to even turn the filter a bit using the bib and it did not tear. Product does what it claims and is very useful.

Jim S
March 5, 2018


Q: What are these made out of? Are they biodegradable, if not, are they recyclable?

Per the supplier: These are not biodegradable or recycleable, and we cannot give the material they are made from. We suggest to refer to our web site for the specifications:

Q: Could these be reused for more than one oil filter?

It is possible but they are designed to catch the filter and be disposed of with the filter. You could take the filter out and probably use it again but I don't know if you could do that more than 2 or 3 times.