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Quaker State® Universal 2-Cycle Engine Oil for Air Cooled Engines is a premium formulation blended from high viscosity index, paraffin base stocks. This oil is fortified with low ash-forming detergency additives, extreme pressure anti-wear components, a pour depressant and a coupling agent to enhance oil-gasoline mixtures.

Designed for use in hot running, air-cooled engines such as Rotax engines, chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers and 2-cycle edgers, snowmobiles and some two-stroke motorcycles, it can be mixed at any ratio up to 1 gallon of gasoline at popular 40:1 mix ratio.

Quaker State® Universal 2-Cycle Engine Oil for Air Cooled Engines can be used with oxygenated/gasohol fuels and current 87 octane rated gasolines. High flash solvents meet NFPA Class IIIB standards for easy warehouse storage. Meets current JASO standards FA & FB and exceeds API service level TC.


the customer service is awesome, and they speak clearly. and shipping was very fast. thanx, dave

Dave B
July 27, 2019

Was exactly the right oil needed for altralite and the shipping was prompt.Thanks!

July 30, 2017

I would like to buy it in the quart size , but is not available . Much prefer a bigger container, instead of so many small ones.

Terry B
June 7, 2019

The oil itself is fine, but since Quaker State has taken over for the same Pennzoil product, they have done away with the latching ring under the cap (ironically still in the picture). This allows the caps to come unscrewed during shipping, resulting in an oil-soaked box at your front door!

September 15, 2017


Q: Is this the same oil as the Pennzoil was? Any compatibility issues from mixing the two?

Pennzoil has been replaced with Quaker State 2-stroke oil. There are no known issues in the mixing the two.

Q: I need to buy two stroke oil but obviously I am concerned about switching to an unknown oil for my airplane. Is this oil truly a replacement? Does the Quaker State 2 cycle oil meet API-TC specs?

Yes, it is a true replacement. Per the Quaker State website: Meets current JASO standards FA & FB and exceeds API service level TC.

Q: I have Rotax 503 in my airplane. I have used Pennzoil since the beginning and now can't find it anywhere... Is this oil going to be ok to replace? It says it only mixes 40-1, I need 50-1, and can I mix at that ratio?

This is the replacement for the Pennzoil. You can mix at 50-1 without any trouble.

Q: I have a Rotax 447 been using Pennzoil 50.1 - 8 oz of oil to 3 gal of gas, The QS is 7.8 Oz of oil to 3 Gal of gas, Will it be ok just to add the 8 OZ of QS to 3 gal of gas and be ok for 50.1?

Yes, this will work just fine.

Q: Is this Quaker State 2 cycle air cooled oil a mineral or synthetic oil? Can it replace CPS AV-2 Oil for Rotax engines?

Per Quaker State, this is Conventional composition oil. Not synthetic. Yes, this a 2 cycle oil, same as AV-2 for use with Rotax engines.

Q: Is this Quaker State 2 cycle oil suitable for free air cooled (has no fan) 2 cycle engines?