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Model Description Part Number Price Buy
RC ALLEN FACTORY O/H RCA22-7Standard Brown & Blue
RC ALLEN FACTORY O/H RCA22-7FStandard with a Warning Flag
RC ALLEN FACTORY O/H RCA22-11Standard Lighted
RC ALLEN FACTORY O/H RCA22-11FStandard Lighted, with a Warning Flag
RC ALLEN FACTORY O/H RCA22-15Standard Black & Blue
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Note: Units are furnished with 8130-3 forms.

Vacuum artificial horizon are controlled by air driven precision gyros to present the pilot with pitch and roll information. The attractive color scheme of blue sky and brown ground presents a realistic spherical display of flight. Unless otherwise indicated all instruments have a dark blue/brown display, fixed pointer and are unlighted. This is the "standard" display.

Additional core charge added to purchase at time of checkout

Exchange core must be a like core* and the core must be returned no later than 20 days from the invoice date to receive core credit. All RCA22 gyros are acceptable cores for 10-05439, 10-05870, 10-05872. Only RCA22-7F is an acceptable core for 10-05869.

All RC Allen vacuum gyros run off of 4.5" Hg, erect time is 3 min.

*Instruments equipped with a warning flag will let you know when vacuum has dropped below 3.8" Hg. Flag retracts from view at 4.3" Hg.
Review "Model Specifications" tab before finalizing order*

Instrument fits in a standard 3-1/8" panel cutout. 1/4"-18 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum hose installation. 1/8"-27 NPTF nylon tube slip fitting is recommended for vacuum gage installation.

Height: 3.38"
Width: 3.38"
Length: 6"
Weight: 2.75 lbs.
Made in the USA

Meets of exceeds all requirements of FAA TSO C4c and Aeronautical Standard AS396B.

Model Specifications

  • 22-7: Standard Brown & Blue
  • 22-7F: Standard with a Warning Flag
  • 22-11: Standard Lighted (Specify: voltage 14V or 28V and tilt)
  • 22-11F: Standard Lighted, with a Warning Flag (Specify: voltage 14V or 28V and tilt)
  • 22-15: Standard Black & Blue
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Well packaged and easy to hook up. Works great.

Michael M
September 11, 2020

Looks good havenât but back in service yet

Steve C
December 17, 2018


Q: To purchase this unit, do you have to have a Attitude Indicator to exchange? Or is this a purchase price of a reconditioned unit outright?

There will be a core charge added to your cart along with the unit. Once you return a valid core in exchange, your core charge is refunded.

Q: I would like to know if this model will work in a 8 degree panel? The one I'm returning for a core did and it is the same model number.

The 8 degree version may be purchased with this program. Please specify the tilt desired at purchase.

Q: Is this FAA Approved for use in certified aircraft?

Yes this is FAA TSO Approved for use in certified aircraft.

Q: Looking at the RC Allen Overhauled Vacuum Horizon Gyro (TSO) Model RCA22-7F. Is there a factory warranty on these remanufactured units?

Yes, the RC Allen overhauled units come with a 1 year factory warranty.

Q: Is the core exchange applicable on a -7 against a -11F?

Per supplier: No it is not. It must be a like core. If they buy a new unit we will give them a 100.00 for their old unit.

Q: Can these RC Allen overhauled Vacuum Horizon Gyros be used on Cessna 172? Can I order 8130-3?

Yes, these are approved for use on certified aircraft. Return to service and 8130-3 paperwork is included in the box.

Q: What repair station did the overhaul on these gyros?

RC Allen is the overhaul shop.

Q: Is a sigmatek 5000B 36 a valid core to exchange?

No, the Sigmatek 5000B is not an acceptable core exchange. All of the RC Allen RCA 22 gyros are acceptable