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The Atis Wheel™ PRO is a mechanical device designed to help the airplane pilot in recording all ATIS information while presenting the data as a graphic depiction. The Atis Wheel™ PRO is presented on a 3.5"x 5.5" rectangular durable format with seven individual 1.5" wheels positioned about the perimeter of the device along with two, 3" concentric wheels positioned in the center.
Each wheel's topic coincides with the sequential information reported in the airport terminal area's ATIS broadcast.

Once the information is entered onto the Atis Wheel™ PRO, this displayed information is now available to the pilot for continued reference without the possibility of transcription error or forgetting the pertinent ATIS data. (It is recommended that the pilot listen to the pre-recorded ATIS information twice to verify that the correct information has been entered on the Atis Wheel™ PRO.)

The Atis Wheel™ PRO information follows the sequential presentation of the ATIS information, providing the pilot the following data:

The ATIS information phonetic letter identifying this specific ATIS report, named sequentially after a phonetic letter of the alphabet.
Example: This is Providence ATIS information ALPHA.

The time the ATIS information was recorded - in ZULU (GMT) time.

In as much as all ATIS information should be current, there is no wheel on the Atis Wheel™ PRO to record the ZULU time.

The DIRECTION from which the wind is blowing.

The VELOCITY of the wind, and wind GUSTS, if any.

The VISIBILITY and SKY condition.

The CEILING of the sky (if any) and cloud height, if OVERCAST.


The RUNWAY in use for LANDING and TAKEOFF.

The instrument APPROACH in use for landing.

The BAROMETRIC pressure, in order to calibrate the altimeter Additional tower comments (i.e., notice of closed taxies, etc.)

The Atis Wheel™ PRO also displays clearly the visual relationship between the wind direction and the active runway, informing the pilot as to the pending cross wind takeoff and landing situation.

The Atis Wheel™ PRO is conveniently sized to fit in a shirt pocket for easy reference.


Purchased as a grabbag suggestion item for fun. Actually a nice item, much faster than writing longhand and not a wasteful as single use tear-off pads. A little flimsy but for a couple bucks works suprisingly well and gets 5 stars for usefulness to cost ratio.

Keith L
February 20, 2021

Very helpful for keeping all your ATIS info in one handy spot and have a visual reference for wind direction to runway. I felt a little silly pulling it out to use it until my CFI said it was the coolest thing hes seen. Id like to see one made of stronger material but this one will last you a little while until you get a firm idea on ATIS. Great for student pilots!

Shaun M
February 20, 2017

I should have studied this better when I ordered it. It does exactly what it is supposed to do but I thought it was a simple calculator I could try out. It really just helps you remember the ATIS and I think for me a notepad works better. I doubt I will use this but the cost is too low to bother returning

Rich B
February 18, 2021

This was a great product, I have not yet used this in the cockpit but I think it would greatly reduce workload. The only reason this is a 4, not a 5 is because you can not use this one hand, and some wheels may not turn as well as others. Great product: well Worth the $3.50 I payed. The shipping was only $2. 2 thumbs up

January 19, 2018

I think it’s a great concept. I think ok for atis and such on the ground, but while in the air I’m not sure. A little small requiring to much attention.

Bill B
May 5, 2021

I got this for my co-pilot so she wouldnt have to keep listening to ATIS. She is not overly impressed.

Daris H
January 12, 2021

Outrageous price of $26.75. Good thing that it was on sale for $3.49. Cheesy constructions, but concept good.

December 22, 2019

A pencil and a piece of paper is faster and easier. Plus the altimeter has a dial to set sitting right in front of you. You can also look at your DG and see the wind direction on the dial.

Wendell S
November 3, 2020


Q: What are the instructions for use?

It is self intuitive. Just listen to the ATIS recording at the airport and enter the information on the ATIS WHEEL PRO. You end up with a graphic representation of the current conditions on the field and showing you the crosswind component for takeoff or landing.