Fuel Cap Cover

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Part# 05-03668


Can aircraft owners live without water? STAY-SEALED, Inc., a Lakeland, Florida based company says, "Yes!"

STAY-SEALED has been researching and documenting this age-old problem of water/fuel contamination in general aviation aircraft. This research went back to the 1960's when the FAA and the NTSB started collecting data on all aircraft accidents. Aging aircraft, corroded fuel tank filler ports, deteriorated fuel cap seals and the cost of replacing aircraft parts are all major factors of this deadly problem. STAY-SEALED decided to take on this problem by designing and developing a sealed fuel cap cover.

This lightweight, easy to install cover fits over and attaches to the existing cap. When installed, it creates a watertight seal around the filler port. Since the cover is to be installed at the same time as the pitot tube cover and the other factory safety devices, there is no need for expensive STC's or other approvals. The patented sealing and locking features have been in development for two years.

The testing took this device through hurricane winds and rain. The cover has been temperature tested in freezing rain and snow. The Solar Light Lab has been testing the product under the ASTM G155 accelerated UV light and weather standards. STAY-SEALED is pleased to say that NO deterioration of the seal or cover was noted after five years of UV light and weather.

The aircraft insurance industry has reviewed this product and confirms the need for such a device based on the FAA data that was compiled. Several models have been developed which will fit most of the single engine aircraft fleet.
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These are a must have item if you park outside. Without them the steel gas tank filler necks will rust and result in expensive repairs. My aircraft is a c172L. They will last for years.

Michael J Verified Purchase


June 13, 2022

Fits perfectly. Quick delivery.

Gary L Verified Purchase


October 29, 2021

Fits my Cessna 150 perfectly

Richard L Verified Purchase


July 9, 2021

What I was wanting (and thought I was ordering) was a new fuel tank cap for my C-150G airplane. What arrived was a fuel cap cover which goes over the installed fuel tank cap. It was a well designed device and I didnt know that such a device even existed, but we have a Bruces cockpit/cabin cover that extends outward enough to cover the fuel tank caps. so I will be returning what you sent after the holidays, and purchasing an actual fuel tank cap. You have a great company, so keep up the great work!

Bill L
January 1, 2021

I like this product. Fits nice and snug. Gas tank, water free. Thanks!

Steve L
December 22, 2020

Great product, works well to prevent water entering the fuel cap. Good quality product.

Denby C
August 10, 2020

Excellent product! Works very well even in sustained heavy rain, would definitely buy again.

John F
July 20, 2017

Considering how difficult is is to post engineer a product, I think they did a good job. I see nothing I could do to improve on it.

Glen B
May 5, 2017

Well made product however somewhat difficult to seal

Paul H
December 15, 2018

Seals for a while then pops up. Probably would not stay in place overnight. better than bathroom plungers though as far as fit.

John R
August 17, 2018


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Q: Are these fuel cap covers priced and sold individually or in pairs?

These covers are priced and sold individually.

Q: Do these caps lock?

No, there is no locking mechanism on this cap.

Q: Is this meant to fit OVER the existing gas cap while on the ground or must the gas cap be removed to install these?

It is installed over the OEM fuel cap. Must be removed before flight.