Garmin G3X AOA Gap 26 Heated And Regulated Pitot Tube

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Part# 11-12973
MFR Model# 010-01074-20


Garmin G3X AOA GAP 26 Heated and Regulated Pitot Tube 010-01074-20

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Q: Is gap 26 pitot tube agreed for certified aircraft?

No. This is for experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does the Garmin G3X GAP 26 tube come with power regulator to step down from 24V to 12V?

Per the manufacturer: The heated, regulated version of the GAP 26 (010-010704-20) has a small box with the regulating circuitry that is mounted near the probe. This version of the GAP 26 probe is also equipped with an internal temperature sensor which the regulating circuit uses to only supply as much current as the probe needs to remain ice free. This current, of course, varies with the operating conditions.

Q: Will it come with user manual?

No, the manuals are not included in the box. Manuals are available for download via PDF at post purchase.

Q: can the GARMIN G3X AOA GAP 26 HEATED PITOT TUBE be used with the G5?

The installation manual does not display direct connection to the G5.

Q: What size mast does the GARMIN G3X AOA GAP 26 HEATED AND REGULATED PITOT TUBE mount to?

The typical measurement is 5-1/16 inches.