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Amsafe Restraint System (Soars)

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Part# 05-22028
MFR Model# K7336


The State of the Art Restraint System (SOARS) is a universally adjustable lapbelt airbag restraint system designed to mitigate head and torso injury in aircraft crash conditions. It is STC eligible for installation in over 600 Part 23 aircraft, as well as all experimental aircraft.

With over a billion hours of logged service, AmSafe Airbag Systems are utilized in commercial aircraft, business jet and turboprop aircraft as well as general aviation to protect pilots, co-pilots and passengers. SOARS is an affordable, yet significant enhancement for general aviation occupant protection.

Each SOARS kit includes a complete airbag restraint system for both the Pilot & Co-Pilot seats, replacing the original pilot and co-pilot 2 or 3-Point standard restraints.

Designed to Protect

Continually evolving and advancing aviation occupant safety requirements need the most advanced restraint systems to meet compliance. The AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag System is used in commercial aircraft to protect occupants from impact with bulkheads, monitors and forward seat structure. Business Jet and high end turboprop aircraft use the seatbelt airbag system to protect pilots, co-pilots and passengers.

The SOARS system can be used in general aviation aircraft in the pilot, co-pilots seat to protect occupants from impact with glare shields, instrument panels and control yokes, during a significant longitudinal deceleration or impact. The AmSafe airbag system maintains an extremely high reliability standard against inadvertent deployment and failure to deploy when in operation.

Meet regulations

When the sensors detect an impending incident, the seatbelt airbag deploys up and away from the seated passenger and provides protection to the head, neck and torso. The AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag helps meet the 14 CFR Part 23 Normal Category requirements for pilots and passengers general aviation pilot/co-pilot seats. The system provides the additional safety and improved occupant protection needed in a survivable impact.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Universally adjustable lapbelt airbag restraint designed to accommodate replacement of standard aircraft restraints using existing anchor points
  • Contains integrated Push-to-Test (PTT) system diagnostics contained in the Electronics Module Assembly that houses the crash sensor and system power supply
  • Designed to mitigate head and torso injury in aircraft crash conditions Part 23 Normal Category Aircraft
  • Meets FAR/CS/23.785 delethalization requirements
  • Meets stringent head, neck protection requirements
  • Installed by a licensed A & P, with Form 337
  • Maintenance required only during annual inspection or when the system is disconnected for any reason
  • Installation accomplished by use of foam body block (included in kit) representative of a 50th percentile male and offers supplemental protection for a range of occupants from a 5th percentile female to a 95th percentile male
  • Shoulder strap with Inertia Reel is provided with the kit. This strap is detachable at the lap belt providing the option to fly without the shoulder strap and to re-attach during TT & L
  • AmSafe Airbag Systems have logged over a billion hours of service

In The Box

  • Two inflatable restraint system assemblies
  • One cable interface assembly
  • Two line replaceable unit (LRU) inflator interface cables
  • One body block
  • Two inflator assemblies
  • One electronic module assembly (EMA)
  • Two airbag-equipped labels


Well worth the cost in my opinion to improve crash survivability. Installation was straightforward overall. I would give 5 stars but the inertia reel belt is short- although it is usable for me it is restrictive because I sit far forward.

Edward C Verified Purchase


March 28, 2022


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Q: What color is the webbing?

The restraints in this system are black.

Q: Does this AMSAFE RESTRAINT SYSTEM (SOARS) cover pilot and co-pilot or do I need to buy two of them?

Each SOARS kit includes a complete airbag restraint system for both the Pilot & Co-Pilot seats, replacing the original pilot and co-pilot 2 or 3-Point standard restraints.