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Seat Belt and Shoulder Harness Kits.

FAA Approved shoulder restraint systems in your aircraft provide the best possible safety for your crew and passengers. These were developed for affordable systems production aircraft in cooperation with the FAA, therefore each kit includes one standard belt with a 3-bar slide (retain your present fitting), one "Y" Style shoulder harness, attaching hardware, installation instructions, and an FAA/STC'PMA.

The line of seat belts and harnesses is constructed with the highest quality materials and with careful attention to workmanship and come in a full array of colors.


  • FAA / STC / PMA'd Approved
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Super easy to install in my Cessna 150. The hardest part was cutting a slot in my plastic headliner to allow the shoulder harness to come through. I definitely feel safer with the shoulder harness. It is comfortable enough in flight, I dont notice it at all.

October 14, 2020

I installed this in my friends Cessna 182. He flew my Cessna 150 and have this installed. The installation is pretty easy.

Sunset E
March 26, 2020

172F model without previous harness. Easy install. Connection point nut already in spar. Different size AN Bolt needed. Well worth the investment.

James H
May 24, 2019


Q: What FAA paperwork or certification form is included with these belt and harness sets?

All of these FAA Approved Seat Belt and Shoulder Harness Sets will include a copy of the STC for the aircraft. Export 8103-3 forms must be requested at the time of order. Additional charges will apply for export 8130-3.

Q: Are the TSO tags attached to these belts?

The tags on these belts are FAA-PMA tags. It lists the model number, date of manufacture, rated strength of assembly, and manufacturer name + location.

Q: Is the shoulder a Y shape or just the single over the shoulder strap as you would find in your standard Cessa 172? Thanks

The are Y style harnesses.

Q: Regarding harness for the 172: Can I replace a factory installed three point shoulder harness seatbelt with the following Y harness seatbelt? Does the STC cover this sort of replacement?

Per the supplier: Yes, you can although it is a completely different installation. You would need to replace the Cessna hardware and belts with the hardware and belts in this kit.

Q: For a C172M, is installation completely inside or are access holes required in the top of the plane?

Per the supplier: if your customer has AN4 nut plates in the aircraft to attach the brackets, he will not need to drill any access holes. If he has AN6 or any other nutplates, than he would need to drill a hole.

Q: Can these seatbelts and shoulder harnesses be used on the back seats as well as the front seats of a 1969 C172K?

Per the supplier: The Cessna belts and harness sets are for the front seats only.

Q: My C150 does not currently have a shoulder harness/strap. Does this set include the hardware (and instructions) to attach the anchor for the shoulder harness?

Yes this will include the hardware along with the installation instructions. We have added the instructions for the install to the 'Documents' tab of this web page for your review.

Q: Do you have seatbelt extenders for these setups? The tongue is much wider than a standard airliner seatbelt extender.

We do offer extensions that would work, like the 05-06230-2, but they are not FAA approved.

Q: Are these sets for the whole aircraft or one seat?

Each order includes one belt, one harness, attaching hardware, and installation instructions for one seat.

Q: I want pair of seat belt shoulder harness for a Cessna 182. Do they come with the STC paperwork and the installation instructions?

Yes, these will include STC paperwork and install instructions.