Propeller Ordering Requirements

This form must accompany all propeller P&A's and propeller orders. If not filled out completely, the order will be returned to you for correct information. When form is completely filled out, click on Submit Form button at the bottom of the page.
Customer Name:
Customer Number:
Email Address:
1. Vehicle Information
a. Type
b. Make
c. Model
d. Cruise Speed
e. Tractor or Pusher
2. Engine
a. Make
b. Horsepower & RPM
3. Reduction Drive
a. Type
b. Ratio
4. Hub Requirements
a. Bolt Circle Diameter (SAE)
b. Number of Bolts
c. Bolt Size
d. Center Hole Dimensions
e. Bushing Size (if applicable)
5. Propeller Description
a. Rotation (if standing behind a/c)
b. Diameter x Pitch
c. Carbon Fiber or Wood
d. Number of Blades
e. Bushing Size (if applicable)
6. Leading edge option for an additional charge
Indicate Requirements
If PRINCE PROPS prop, is it a Standard Prop or P-Tip Prop?
If McCauley, Part Number Required:
If Sensenich Metal Prop: Part Number Required:
If Sensenich Wood Prop: Part Number Required:
If Arrowprop: Hub Thickness & Prop Diameter Required:
If Warp Drive: Standard Prop, Standard Prop with HP Hub or Standard with HPL Hub?