Vans Retrofit Fuel Cap

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Part# 05-01006
MFR Model# Z30L


Note: Priced and sold individually. Photo for illustration only.

These retrofit gas caps offer easy fingertip action and secure sealing. The Vans Retrofit Aero Z30L Cap key action cap assembly fits inside existing Vans flange and arrives flush to the wing surface, replacing the standard 'Usher' cap.

Two keys with each cap and matching key numbers.

Easy action and secure seal with 1-3/8" orifice. Use this cap for easy operation and zero leaks.

Fix in place with eg 'proseal'.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Have not installed these Fuel Caps yet. They seem very high quality. Comparable to the Andair version and more readily available.

William C Verified Purchase


February 8, 2024

Times change, so here is an update. April 2022. As described above these retrofit cap assemblies glue into the old original Vans/Usher flange. As Warren and John P note they do not fit eg the lockable Aero cap flange, though that cap is a joy to operate and does not need replacing.... About 2018 Vans changed all their kits to a lightweight composite cap in a red flange and there there is now an alternate metal lockable cap to fit the red flange. Vans are pretty busy and have not yet offered it, however it is available via Spruce 05-27067 Pro Same excellent seal, ease of use, finger friendly etc maybe prettier. Anti It is heavier. Lock comes as standard, does not have to be engaged. People building their tanks still have the option to use the old aero luxury cap assembly using a flat rivet flange. The curved tank skins accommodate well to the flat flange and this assembly is a good fit in the current tank skins. 05-26740 RV

April 14, 2022

The fuel caps are beautifully made and work well.

Robert C Verified Purchase


February 11, 2022

Not received

High S Verified Purchase


December 27, 2021

It’s not obvious but this replacement cap comes in two pieces plus the key The cap itself plugs into a ring that does not secure to the plane At least I couldn’t figure out how it was suppose to attach Wasted the cost of shipping and ended up frustrated No number on the paperwork from the manufacturer to try and get help Something I did ? Probably but it didn’t make sense I tried Not my best experience with online shopping

Warren A Verified Purchase


November 17, 2021

They are great.. better than i was expecting.

November 10, 2020

Really well made, fits perfectly and looks & seal very well. Easy to open, it will be a pleasure to use those over the standard usher fuel cap. I showed my set to a friend who was rebuilding his RV4 fuel tanks and he bought my set on the spot !! So I re-ordered a pair as I was not yet ready to install them on my RV6 fuel tank.

Jean G
April 16, 2018

Note that this fuel cap will not work as a direct replacement for the locking fuel caps sold by Vans Aircraft. The machined fuel tank adapters suppied with the Vans locking fuel caps are not compatible. Rating would be 5 stars if it fit. There was no option to leave out the rating so I had to include it.

John P
November 26, 2020


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Q: What is the outside diameter of the Vans retrofit fuel cap, part # 05-01006?

Approximately 2-1/4 inches.

Q: Is the price of is for a pair of Vans' retrofit caps or is it each one price ?

These are priced and sold individually. Quantity 1 is 1 cap.

Q: So if I bought 2, then I would have to use a different key for each wing?

That is possible. You can also request that the two units have the same key, and we can special order them the manufacturer to have the same key.

Q: Have a part number 044 on the key, how to I purchase a replacement key?

We can special order them from Newton. Please contact our sales department for price and lead time of this special order.

Q: They replace the fuel caps that come in for the RV10 or it is necessary to make modifications?

Yes there would be some modifications required.

Q: Is this cap a vented or non-vented cap?

This will be non-vented.