Aithre Angel Smart Button

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Part# 11-19683
MFR Model# AASBX02


This smart button is usable with the Garmin G3X to activate Smart Glide as an aftermarket solution and optional replacement for the standard Garmin button.
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Compact Factor

  • The Aithre Angel is a brushed aluminum momentary button powered by Aithre electronics and software, featuring a softly illuminated red 'A' which brightens upon depression. A small electronic enclosure is hooked up to the smart button and designed to be mounted and hidden behind the avionics panel.


  • The wiring includes 12-14V power, ground, with a discrete output for the Smart Glide discrete input pin per the Garmin installation manual.

Smart Functionality

  • The Aithre Angel is more than a mere momentary button as it is enabled by a processor, low energy wireless module, and switching circuitry, which enables enhanced functionality. Specifically, the Aithre Angel will increase the intensity of the red indicator upon being pressed and after 3 seconds of holding, the Aithre Angel will initiate a series of flashing indications and drive the discrete output pin LOW to activate the Garmin G3X Smart Glide.

  • Additionally, the Aithre Connect app can be used to optionally automatically trigger the Aithre Angel in the event of extreme carbon monoxide levels, cabin pressure, or blood oxygen levels. This in-app feature must be user activated for a flight, with user-selected flags being set, and requires a lack of response to multiple warnings. And, the automatically engagement can be subsequently cancelled using the normal Garmin G3X Smart Glide cancellation procedures.



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