Softcomm C-45-20 Youth ANR Headset Black

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Part# 11-09529
MFR Model# C4520 BLACK


Flying can be even more enjoyable with a new Model C-45-20 Headset. These affordable, light weight, rugged models have been quality engineered for clarity, performance and reliability.

Developed and constructed from new durable aerospace materials, these new headsets offer a real breakthrough in both comfort and noise attenuation. For example, the new comfort fitting, adjustable foam-filled head pads are designed to conform to head contours and eliminate "hot spots" on those extra long flights. The super-soft foam ear seals are made to surround the ears with quiet comfort, block noise interference and provide the optimum "no-squeeze" fit for hours of use. (The children's ear seals are especially made the right size just for them.) With a Noise Reduction Rating of -22 dB, plus an additional 18 db of Active Noise Reduction, the Model C-45-20 is above all competition in its price range.

The improved solid state, M-56 electret condenser microphone offers the finest in audio clarity. Likewise, this noise-canceling microphone is capable of rejecting most outside noise and at the same time, provide clear, crisp voice transmission. The four-way adjustable "friction boom" allows for precision placement of the microphone and can be position on either side of the mouth. The long, 66 inch, heavy duty cable assemblies are made to withstand strains up to 95 pounds and retain their flexibility from -40 to +120(F). Attached to the cables are gold plated connector plugs which are designed to eliminate connector static.


  • Amazing breakthrough in noise control - aerospace technology with new internal noise canceling material.
  • Reduces more engine noise that can cause fatigue. Important for flying safety!
  • -22db. of passive noise reduction, plus -18db of active noise reduction.
  • Distortion free sound - provided buy the studio grade active electronics within the headset. Perfect for those who listen to music while in flight, or just enjoy perfectly crisp clear sound.
  • Built for comfort - lightweight, only 15.2 ounces head weight. Even exceeds Softcomm's reputation for real comfort.
  • Easily folds into ball for compact storage.
  • Noise-canceling, high quality M-56 electret microphone. With proprietary hybrid amplifier that reduces M/H cable noise for superb audio clarity.
  • Portable power source - uses 9 volt DC battery or optional 12 - 28 volt DC power adapter cable. (Battery life can exceed 20+ hours depending on use)
  • Fail-safe power feature - even when battery expires it allows continued headset use with a passive noise reduction of -22dB.
  • Quality workmanship guaranteed - American made and 100% pre-tested before shipping.
  • Three (3) year warranty



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Q: Does the SoftComm C-45-20 have stereo/mono as well as volume control for each ear cup?

Yes the C-45-20 has a stereo/mono switch with dual volume controls.

Q: Can the Soft Comm C-45-20 be used a an iphone headset?

The Soft Comm C-45-20 Headset by can't be used as an iphone headset by itself. It would require a cell phone adapter such as part number 11-03568.

Q: Is this Softcomm C-45-20 youth ANR headset for kids or adults?

This is a youth headset.

Q: Is the Soft Comm C45-20 Youth headset sized for young children or teenagers? Would it be suitable for a 2 year old child?

Per supplier: It depends on the child, works fine for some 2 year olds and not for others. If you adjust everything as small as possible we have had more success than not.