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Part# 05-26513
MFR Model# APW STD-0190-100-0050


ALLProtect (White) is made of a strong nonwoven material with an impermeable adhesive backing that creates a non-slip surface. It is designed to protect underlying surfaces against mechanical impact and liquids, while allowing light to transmit through the material. It may be applied on most surfaces.* Because of its strong adhesion, it can be used both horizontally and vertically.

The White color was designed to provide a translucent, see-through protective covering, perfect for windows and glass surfaces.


  • Vertical surfaces
  • Windows
  • Glass/shower
  • Interiors


  • Large Roll: 39″ x 164"
  • Nonwoven material: Polyester / Polypropylene
  • Reverse side material: PE film with pressure sensitive acrylic coating
  • Weight: 190 g/m2 (+/- 10%)
  • Thickness: 1.2mm (+/- 10%)
  • Colour: white
  • Tensile strength: MD/CD EN ISO 13934-1 > 3kN/m / 5kN/m
  • Elongation MD / CD EN ISO 13934-1: 120% / 90% (+/- 10%)
  • Dynamic perforation resistance (Cone drop): DIN ISO 13433 10 mm (+/- 10%)
  • Solvent / Liquid resistance: The product has been successfully tested to protect underlying materials against water, motor
  • oil, grease, standard cleaners, WD-40, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (skydrol chemical) and others.*
  • UV resistant adhesive side (if used on glass or other transparent material): Up to 2 months.*
  • Adhesion AFERA 5001: 110 cN/cm (+/- 10%)
  • Water absorption ability DIN ISO 53923: > 600% by weight


  • Fast, easy application
  • Impermeable to moisture/dirt
  • No tape needed
  • Translucent
  • Reusable


  • ALLProtect White provides see-through temporary protection for surfaces. It can be easily cut to desired shapes. It is easy to clean and reusable as long as the adhesive backing is undamaged and free of dirt or dust.
  • Immediately prior to application, the surface must be cleaned and dried to ensure removal of dust, oils, solvents and condensation (moisture). Place the product with the adhesive side facing the underlying surface. Adhesion is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed. Firm application pressure develops increased adhesive contact. Ideal surface temperature range is 5 C to 40 C (41 F to 104 F). Using the product in lower surface temperatures may reduce adhesion force. Higher surface temperatures may lead to an unwanted transfer of the adhesion coating to the underlying surface.
  • The life span of the product can vary significantly depending on individual factors such as the product's exposure to wear and tear, the underlying surface, and environmental factors during usage. Therefore, Landolt cannot grant any specific warranty periods and recommends to examine the product and the underlying surface every two to four weeks (depending on underlying surface, environmental conditions and exposure of the product)*.