PTI Specialty Paints Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to paint my plane. What do you recommend that I use?

First, we recommend that you do the following:
  • Stripping- Strip the existing paint with either PTI Paint Remover Green (PRG) or PTS-202. The PTI-PRG stripper is a fast acting and very effective stripper that will take you right to the metal if properly applied. Safety clothing must be worn when using this stripper. The PTS-202 stripper is more “environmentally friendly” and takes longer to penetrate the paint. However, the stripper removes the paint as a dry film and does not contain the same harsh chemicals found in the PTI-PRG. The advantage to the PTS-202 stripper is that it remains alive for up to eight hours. Therefore, if you are interrupted while removing the paint, you can leave the stripper on the plane and come back some hours later to complete the task – the stripper will not have dried. For best results – regardless of the stripper used – be generous in applying it to the surface of the plane.
  • Washing & Cleaning - High pressure wash the plane with water to remove any residue from the stripper. You may, but should not need to, wipe the surface with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone or toluene. You can also use PTC-2001 and PTC-2002 non hazardous zero VOC aircraft cleaners to remove any residue.
  • Painting- You are now ready to begin painting. Bare metal attracts corrosive elements quickly. So we recommend that you begin with the PTI acid-etch wash primer. Apply a very thin coat of the wash primer. If you apply the wash primer too heavily you will inhibit its adhesion properties. The acid-etch primer performs two important functions: it inhibits corrosion and promotes adhesion for the remaining coatings.
  • Primers- Next, we recommend applying the PTI Epoxy primer or PTI Water Reducible Epoxy Primer. These primers are very durable and provide excellent protection for the interior and exterior of the plane. PTI also offers a number of different primers intended for interior application such as the Zinc Chromate Primer, Zinc Oxide Primer and the Zinc Phosphate Primer. For composite surfaces where a sandible filler primer is required PTI recommends the PTI-573 Sandible Epoxy Primer.
  • Topcoats - Finally, we recommend the use of the PTI Polyurethane Topcoat for the exterior of the plain. For the interior surfaces we recommend the Epoxy Topcoat, PTI Enamel or PTI Waterborne Polyurethane.
  • Parts & Accessories
    • For engine surfaces that are exposed to heat PTI offers a high heat Engine Enamel.
    • For propellers PTI makes an Epoxy Propeller Coating that comes in bulk or an aerosol can.
    • For information with regard to the above products listed please click on the bold links.
    • For more detailed instructions please click on the following link for the Aircraft Paint and Application Manual
2. How does your paint compare to Dupont or Sherwin Williams?
    PTI paint is specifically formulated to meet the demands of aviation and aerospace. It is the same material that is used by companies such as Hawker Pacific Aerospace (primarily on commercial aircraft landing gear), Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sundstrand Aviation, Northrup Gruman and other aviation/aerospace defense contractors. Our paint is formulated to current military specifications and will perform to meet or exceed those specifications with respect to chemical and other resistance properties. Such is not necessarily the case with other manufacturers. PTI paint can be purchased in quantities and colors not readily available with any other manufacturer. There are no fillers or other additives in PTI paint – things that add volume and reduce manufacturing costs, but do nothing to enhance performance or reduce the price you pay. PTI will not charge extra for features such as UV protection and chemical resistance.
3. Can I get colors in small quantities for touch-ups?
    Yes, as little as one pint or one aerosol can for single component systems (lacquers, enamels). If you cannot find the quantity or color you would like to purchase on the website then please email your request to
4. Can you match colors and is there a charge?
    We can match virtually any color if we have a color standard to match. Generally, there is no extra charge for custom matching. However, if the color proves to be labor intensive or requires pigment we don’t normally use, there can be an extra charge.
5. Is there a warranty?
    PTI’s paint is the best that can be had. If stored properly it will last a year or longer on the shelf. We warrant that if you follow our recommendations and properly store and apply our paint, it will perform. Proper performance depends on proper preparation of the material to be painted and proper application of the product. Durability in performance requires that appropriate primers be used with the topcoats. The surface painted should be properly stripped and cleaned before priming and painting. All old paint, dirt, grease and paint stripper must be removed from the surface. And, of course, how long paint will last depends on weather and other factors. Planes that are housed in a hangar will get more life out of their paint job than those left outside. The number of flights and the type of weather the plane is flown in also affect the life of the paint job. We do not guarantee those factors that are beyond our control.
6. Will PTI provide technical support?
    PTI provides technical data for all of its products. That data is available at If the technical data is insufficient then you may contact us at or (909) 877-3951
7. Can I use PTI paint over another brand of paint?
    We do not recommend applying any topcoat to another topcoat. We recommend stripping old paint off, priming and then painting. Our primer can be used under another topcoat and our topcoats can go over other primers. We recommend however that if you are going to use our primer that you also use our topcoat. Likewise, if you are going to use our topcoat, you should also use our primers. That is because our paints are formulated as a system – to be used together. We know that they will not adversely react to one another and that they are of the highest quality – we do not use “fillers” or other unnecessary additives – when you buy our paint, you get paint. We cannot make similar claims with respect to any other company’s product.
8. Can I get the color I want in lacquer or enamel base?
    Yes. And you can also get the color you want in a polyurethane or epoxy system as well.
9. How do I keep the nozzle on the aerosol can from clogging?
    We recommend that all aerosol cans be stored upside down. Shake the can well prior to use. This is particularly important for the chromate and nonchromate primers due to the composition of the primer. When you are finished spraying, turn the can upside down and press the nozzle to clear it of paint residue. Cap the can and store it upside down.

10. How much paint remover, paint and or primer should I order for my size aircraft?