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Dynafocal Ring for Lyc. 0-235 to I0-360 (200 HP) (Pre-Welded)
Dynafocal Ring for Lycoming 0-320B
Dynafocal Ring Kit for Lyc. 0-235 to I0-360 (200 HP)
Retainer Cups & Rings Kit
(includes 8 cups & 4 rings - all of #33522 kit except tubing)
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Standard rings furnished with 2-3/4" I.D. retainers, completely welded, ready for mount assembly. The Dynafocal ring kits contain all tubing cut and bent, with 2-3/4" I.D. retainers, ready to weld.
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quality part,

Gary Verified Purchase


December 14, 2022

Looks to be really well made. Yet to make the complete mount

Trevor T Verified Purchase


July 3, 2021

We use these mounts to fabricate all of our landing gear conversion mounts for Pitts. Great quality and perfect fit to the engine. We use these with the Experimental Heavy Duty Engine mount set.

Wolf A
December 18, 2019

These are accurate engine mount rings that we use to manufacture Starduster engine mounts. Leaving a small unwelded area is a great idea to ensure success for the novice builder.

November 28, 2019

Unit looks great. Noticed that they left welds slightly incomplete probably to keep from getting blowout from pressure buildup when welding. Since welding has to be done to complete the custom engine mount it will be no big deal to close other welds up. Big thumbs up!

Ross C
June 2, 2017

Poor description and photos. Poor listing as to which mounts fit with these cups. Also contacted lord directly and it took them over 2 weeks to reply. The Lord website is also very poor. Priced very high for what you get. Overall disappointed and I have never written a review ever!

January 19, 2018


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Q: What are the differences between the 33521, 33521-B, and 33522 dynafocal rings?

The 33521 is the standard mount with all the rings welded to the tubes to make a complete mount. 33521-B is similar to the 33521 but is a type 2 mount, which has an 18 degree angle. 33522 has the 2-3/4 inch I.D. retainers and the tubing cut and bent, and they must be welded all together to make the mount.

Q: What's the outside diameter and thickness of the tubing for Part # 33521?

It is 1" x .049".

Q: What's the trace-ability of the full welded mount for certification purposes? Is it manufactured in-house?

No, we are a distributor of aircraft parts only and do not conduct any manufacturing. We have full traceability back to the manufacturer on all of our parts.

Q: You say the 33521 is the 'standard mount'. Does that mean it's Dynafocal I, since the B model is Type II?

Yes, 33521 is a Type I.

Q: Is the 33522 a type 1 or type II Dynafocal?

This is a Type 1 Dynafocal.

Q: What is the inside diameter of the rings on 33521 kits?

The ring ID is 2-3/4 and the hole ID is 1-3/8.

Q: What are the dimensions of the full part? How far ar the rings apart and what are the dimensions of the tubes?

The rings are 13" center to center side-side and 10" center to center fore-aft. The tubing is 1-5/16" ID, 3" OD and .049" wall.

Q: What is the tubing material? Is it 4130?

Yes, it is 4130 normalized chromally.

Q: wath is the thickness of the tubing 33522 PN?

7/8 O.D., .058 wall thickness