Electronics International ASC-5A Altitude Alert/ Super Clock

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Part# 10-02914
MFR Model# ASC-5A


Reads your Altitude Encoder and displays your current altitude as seen by ATC. Display indicates when your current altitude is above or below your Programmed Assigned Altitude. A "Level off Alarm" occurs as you approach your Programmed Assigned Altitude. A "Deviation Alarm" occurs if you deviate from your Assigned Altitude.

A Programmed Approach Altitude may be set to alert you when you have reached MDA, DH, Pattern Altitude, Wheels Down Altitude or any Altitude for which you wish to set an alert. Displays Density Altitude based on your current OAT reading. Displays OAT. May be toggled between degrees F and degrees C. A Programmable Timer may be set as an "UP" or "Down" counting timer. The "UP" Timer will start automatically when your current altitude reaches 300 feet above the ground. A Recurring Alarm may be set to alert you at appropriate time intervals. Example: If the alarm is set for 30 minutes, you will get an alarm at 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc.

This alarm can be used to remind you to check your fuel level, engine instruments, course, etc., at set time intervals. The "Down" Timer may be used to time approaches or turns or as a reminder at a set interval. The "UP" Timer will continue to run in the background when the "Down" Timer is selected. Displays Local and Zulu Time. The Local Clock may be set to display in a 12 or 24-hour format. Meets FAA requirements for a clock.

Made in USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

FAA Approval

  • The ASC-5A can be installed as a minor alteration, with a logbook entry. No certifications or field approvals are required.


  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" Mount. 3.65" Depth. 10 Oz.
  • Unit. Viewable in direct sunlight.
  • Backlit for night operation.
  • Backlights and LEDs are dimmable.
  • Operates from 7.5 to 35 volts at .3 amps.
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Q: Is it possible to set barometric pressure in millibars instead of in the inches of mercury on the ASC-5A Altitude Alert/Super Clock?

Per EI, the ASC-5A Altitude Alert/Super Clock cannot display barometric pressure in millibars.

Q: Does the Electronics International ASC-5A Altitude Alert/Super Clock have a built in battery?

Per EI, The ASC-5A has a built in battery for keeping track of time, so it doesn't 'forget' when unplugged. It doesn't need to be replaced but once every 20 years.

Q: What is the normal installation time? Does it come with every thing needed to install it?

3-5 hours is the average install time per the vendor, other than a circuit breaker this product comes with unit and harness to install.

Q: How does the unit obtain OAT information? Is there an OAT device that has to also be mounted for that information to be made available? If true, then does that become the primary OAT? Is an STC required to remove the mechanical OAT gauge and install the new one?

Yes, an OAT probe is included with the ASC-5A. This OAT is considered a backup and is not approved as a primary replacement.

Q: I have a cs5 super clock installed now. Will the new harness for the ACS-5 be the same as the installed harness for my cs-5 minus the alt encoder?

No the harnesses will not be the same.

Q: Is this also a Hobbs Meter? Can all clocks (Up, Down, etc) be used simultaneously?

It will not display these simultaneously.

Q: What is the OAT part number compatible for this ASC-5A unit?

This comes with the required probe. If you need a replacement the part # is 10-05858.