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Flexible LED Instrument Lights - Blue/White 24V Dual Color

Part# 11-08411
MFR Model# W001-DUAL B/W


2-Color high brightness light strips

One meter length, just 3/8" wide and 3mm high
120 high-power type 3528 LEDs per meter.
12 or 24 Volt version available. Less than 0.9A current comsumption

Dual-colors - 120 LEDs per meter (60 color, 60 Bright White)
High power 3528 LEDs provide plenty of lighting in both color and white light 3M tape applied for easy installation
Power terminals on both ends (one end pre-wired) permit you to cut and re-use a portion
Colors: Blue/White
12 or 24 Volt versions

Very bright LED output:
  • Estimated light output, 60 color / 60 white LEDs per meter: Red color - 140-160 lum. flux - Blue color - 80-90 lum. flux, Green color - 250 lum. flux - White color - 240-270 lum. flux
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Dimmable LEDs encased in a flexible resin strip.
  • Identical to standard Flexible LED strips but with twice the LEDs.
  • Permits independent control of the RED and White or Blue and White colors.
  • Ideal for using White lights for loading/unloading or in cloudy conditions and MIX or use of colored lighting during dusk or night conditions.
  • 35" length, 3/8" width and 1mm high. Installs in minutes with double-sided tape
  • Power consumption no greater than 160mA.


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After 6 hours of use the last six lights no longer work.

Ed H
December 4, 2017


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Q: Does this strip (part # 11-08411) require an additional power converter/inverter for a dimmer? Can it be wired directly to aircraft power?

No, this does not require anything additional to add a dimmer other than the dimmer itself. Can be customers own dimmer or you can purchase one like p/n 11-10783. Yes, it can be wired directly to the aircraft power.

Q: Can this strip be cut to length?

Yes, there will be instructions on how to do it in the box, but in short the strip can be cut every 3 lights at the end of strip without the installation wires.