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Part# 11-12817
MFR Model# 706171-20


Five-In-One Standby Instrument

The SAI-340 Quattro Plus is a five-in-one attitude, airspeed, altitude, slip indicator that includes Instantaneous Vertical Speed (I)VSI. With smooth, high-quality graphics and an easy to read EFIS presentation, the Quattro Plus makes a great addition to a traditional six pack panel. This instrument is a cost-effective way to replace steam-gauge standby instruments in retrofit EFIS-equipped aircraft.

    Displays precision airspeed, attitude, altitude, slip and Instantaneous Vertical Speed (I)VSI in an EFIS presentation
    MFD is an excellent replacement for steam-gauge standby instruments in retrofit EFIS equipped aircraft
    Backup lithium battery provides up to 2 hours battery life
    Fits a 3-inch panel hole
    Weighs just over 11 ounces
    TSO approved
Additionally, the Quattro Plus has a built-in battery which provides up to two hours of stand-alone operation if needed—thus ensuring an added level of redundancy. The MFD fits directly into a standard round 3-inch instrument hole with no panel modification, making it a near drop-in installation.


  • TSO’d Airspeed, Attitude, Altitude, Slip and (I)VIS
  • Full Solid State Reliability
  • Integral Backup Battery
  • Air-Transport Quality Graphics
  • Standard 3” Instrument Hole Mounting


Input Voltage
  2A Max
  3.52” x 3.25” x 1.4”
  0.51 lbs.
  -20o to +55o C
  -1500 to +35,000 Ft
  20-400 Kts
  30 Minutes Minimum
  2 Hours Nominal
Certification (pending):
  TSO-C2d (Type B)
    TSO-C10b (Type I)
    TSO-C201(A5 HX T7)
    RTCA DO-347
    DO 178C (Level C)
    DO 160G


I just installed a Sandia AI in my Twin Comanche, and I am very impressed. Would I have preferred a full up Garmin G1000? Well yes, but this product is excellent for the money. It is very bright and easy to see, even for one with less than perfect near vision. Instrument scan is now simple as attitude, airspeed and altitude are on the same instrument. Pitch representation is much more precise than with a vacuum gyro AI, as the tick marks are every 2.5 degrees of pitch rather than 5. Since I had the space, I moved my vacuum gyros over and now have the Sandia and a Sandel 3308 in the center of my instruments, but I would not be afraid to pitch all my vacuum instruments if space was a concern. They claim a greater than 10,000 hour mean time between failure. Installation was simple: power, ground, pitot, and static. The Sandia fit in the old gyro hole with no problem. Setup and calibration was simple and logical. The only thing one might like to have is a means of raising and lowering the pitch representation manually without having to go into the setup mode. If you are used to lowering the nose representation to the horizon when you slow down so it appears that you are flying in level pitch, flying with the nose up as you slow may take a little getting used to. In all, highly recommended.

April 9, 2016

My Quattro was installed in January 2016. It had to be tweaked a little to provide a straight and level indication which coincided with the actual attitude of the airplane, but once that was done, it has been perfect. It virtually eliminates any worry about a failed vacuum pump in IMC, because the only instrument dependent on the vacuum pump, the DG, is backed up with the magnetic compass. Very nice product.

Cary A
March 6, 2016


Q: Does the Sandia Sai 340 Quattro 4-in-1 have automatic light dimming?

Per the manufacturer: Yes, it does have auto dimming based on ambient lighting conditions. The pilot can also override the auto dimming at any time and set his own level of desired lighting.

Q: Do the TSO approvals cover the Quattro as a primary standalone instrument?

The SAI Quattro is TSO’d as a primary attitude indicator.

Q: What are the warranty specifics and what is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)?

The SAI Quattro is covered under a 3 year warranty. As this is a new unit, no mean time between failure data has been collected.

Q: What is the FAA Approval status of the Quatro SAI 340?

The SAI Quattro has received FAA TSO approval on 10/15/15.

Q: Will this be able to replace all 4 of the standard steam gauge instruments in a non EFIS aircraft?

No, for primary use the SAI 340 will only replace your artificial horizon.

Q: Is the Sandia SAI 340 approved to be used as a standby attitude indicator?

Yes, it is approved as a primary or standby attitude indicator.

Q: Can the lubber line on the Sandia SAI 340 be adjusted up or down to align with the horizon in level flight?

No, the lubber line can not be adjusted to match the horizon.

Q: Does the Sandia SAI 340 Quattro require field approval or is it STCd with AML?

This unit is TSO approved and does not require a field approval.

Q: Will the Sandia SAI 340 Quattro unit integrate with a KAP150 autopilot?

Per Sandia: No, this unit will not integrate with a KAP150 autopilot unit.

Q: Is the Sandia SAI 340 Quattro 4-in-1 NVIS compatible?

No, this is not NVIS compatible.