Condor Tire 6.00-6 8Ply 072-317-0

Part# 06-08025
MFR Model# 072-317-0


Are available in a variety of sizes for light to medium general aviation aircraft that have a maximum ground speed of 120 MPH. on the runway. All tires are tube type for use with Goodyear or McCreary tubes.
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Phillip B Verified Purchase

CONDOR TIRE 6.00-6 8PLY 072-317-0

January 15, 2022

Great tires

Blue R Verified Purchase

CONDOR TIRE 6.00-6 8PLY 072-317-0

November 2, 2021

Was what I needed at the right price. I you have a cherokee 140 this is the tire for you,

Anthony D Verified Purchase

CONDOR TIRE 6.00-6 8PLY 072-317-0

August 20, 2021

Way overpriced!!!

Sabrilyn V Verified Purchase

CONDOR TIRE 6.00-6 8PLY 072-317-0

May 27, 2022


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Q: What would be the appropriate tube for this tire? PN: 072-317-0

See Part# 06-00754 for the tube.

Q: What is the max load on this tire? I have 1966 piper Cherokee six 260. What other tire do you recommend for my plane?

The max load is 2350lbs. Our application guide shows that aircraft using 6.00x6 6ply tires on the nose and mains. Any 6.00x6 6ply tire would work for you.