Part# 10-00181
MFR Model# AV-17
AV-17 Voice Annunciator10-00181


The Voice Annunciator (AV-17) can provide from one to seventeen Voice Alert warnings through your headset: Oil Pressure and Temperature, Fuel Level and Pressure, RPM, Manifold Pressure, Altitude and Timer, Cylinder Head Temperature, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Turbine Inlet Temperature, Engine Analyzer, Bus Voltage, Gyro Vacuum, Landing Gear, Air Speed, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Timer, Chime Only (no voice) and Bus Voltage. The AV-17 ends the need to constantly scan instruments. It also eliminates concern about missing an alarm at a critical moment. The instant a monitored alarm occurs, the Voice Annunciator will chime in the headset and a pleasant female voice will announce a phrase, such as: "Check Oil Pressure," or "Check Altitude," etc.

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The AV-l7ís voice alarm in the headset provides an instant and clear understanding of whatís going on in the cockpit without the hassle of having to scan instruments, decipher functions, interpret readings or translate numerous bongs, buzzes or beeps.

The AV-17 connects to the headset through the Audio Panel or Intercom or it may be connected directly to the headset. The AV-17 receives most of its warning signals from any one or more of Electronics Internationalís instruments which feature a warning light. However, other alarm inputs can be received from any warning device that drives a horn or light. It is not necessary to activate all seventeen of the AV-17ís warnings. A "Check Bus Voltage" warning is built into each AV-17. Further voice alarms can be activated as Electronics International instruments are added to the panel.

The AV-17 is compact. A 4.1 x 2.6 x 1.7" Control Box tie wraps under the instrument panel. Also, there is a small 1" x 1" Control Panel that mounts on the aircraft instrument panel. The Control Panel allows you to turn the Voice Annunciator on or off. Also, it allows you to acknowledge and thereby deactivate any active alarm for either 1 minute or 10 minutes. The AV-17 voice alarms are activated by pulling the appropriate control line to ground (0 volts).
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The product is neat. But lets be honest its worth maybe $200 tops. You have to set up relays to pull the annunciator for all the call outs which takes time or money. The relays are so JPI and the Manufactures systems work with this. I set it up in a 1948 Bonanza and it was neat but not great... I would not set it up again! Neat but not worth the money.

Matt J
November 6, 2022

This is a great addition to my EI instruments. My fuel computer gives me 4 gallon recurring alarms that say Check Fuel Level or Pressure about every half hour as a reminder. And once while flying over Santa Rosa, NM, I heard Check Bus Voltage, which of course you NEVER want to hear over the desert. Sure enough, my generator had a loose wire and I was now on battery power. That instant annunciation allowed me to shut down all non-essential electrical equipment and my flight into Albuquerque was uneventful. Hooked to the EI engine monitors it will give you an indication of any deviations from normal temps. A great little, inexpensive piece of equipment. My new passengers also just love hearing her say Have a nice flight just as we roll onto the runway.

Dave M
February 4, 2013


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Q: Can you do custom audio with the AV-17?

No, per the manufacture the voices are already preset.

Q: Can I drive an cockpit area speaker with this unit as well?

Per Electronics International, the AV-17 Voice Annunciator can be used in conjunction with a cockpit area speaker.

Q: What is the difference between EI AV-17 voice annunciator and EI AVI-1?

Per EI, if a positive voltage is required to activate a specific voice warning on the AV-17, the AVI-1 (an inverter) must be wired in series with the appropriate AV-17 Controller line.

Q: Is the Electronics International AV-17 Voice Annunciator unit for certified aircraft?

The Electronics Internatinal AV-17 Voice Annuncatir is not FAA TSO'd and would require a 337 form for use in a certicied aircraft. Please check with your local mechanic and FSDO before purchase.