Part# 11-05562
MFR Model# CHT-RING-12
MGL CHT probe 12mm spark plug with 3ft Teflon insulated cable11-05562


These are all "K-type" thermocouples and they come in sizes 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 18mm. The sizes refer to the thread diameter of the spark plug the probes are used on most automotive engines use 14mm plugs, the Jabiru engine and Rotax 912/914 use 12mm plugs. The big Lycomings and Continentals use 18mm plugs. Some motorbike engines use small 10mm plugs.
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Probe is good, except 3 foot leads too short, needs to be longer for my airplane, had to splice the wires.

Ron J Verified Purchase


May 27, 2022

Long delivery

Plante J
March 30, 2021

No problem with this and the other parts received under the same order. However, I was disappointed with the time the time the remaining parts were left on back order. This is probably not Aircraft Spruces fault due to the virus etc etc but had more stock been held it may have been avoided.

John M
December 15, 2020


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Q: What type of cable would I use to extend the reach of the MGL Avionics CHT Probes?

Per MGL, this would requre standard Type K extension wire.

Q: Are these thermocouples grounded or ungrounded?

The MGL CHT probes are grounded probes.

Q: Are the MGL probes suitable for certificated aircraft?

No, MGL products are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does this replace the sparkplug gasket or in addition to and or above or below the plug gasket?

It needs to go under the gasket.

Q: Is the bayonette style one that fits into a standard lycoming CHT bayonet fitting?

The Bayonet style probe has the following specs: Lycoming 3/8"-24 thread. If your engine meets the same specification it will fit.

Q: What is the temperature range for these probes?

Per the installation manual these are set on the MGL unit that is purchased. but the recommended settings are: CHT: max 1800C (356F0) - Max. continuous 1600C (3200F) - Min. 500C (1250F)

Q: Can I use 1 sensor to send temperature to multiple devices? for example two different EMS?

There are adapters that allow for this to happen.

Q: How is it fixed the wire at gasket?

It would connect to the spade terminal that is attached to the wire.