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Aithre Illyrian II Smart Oximeter - With iOS App - White

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Part# 11-20176


This new revolutionary product delivers on Aithre's commitment to innovation and safety in flight with another first ever - a headset haptic safety wearable. Featuring an improved silicone pad and a built-in pressure altimeter, oximeter, heart rate and variability monitor, movement detector, and optional connectivity to the Aithre Connect iOS app for cabin temperature and carbon monoxide sensing, the Illyrian II is packed with useful technology.

This tiny wearable will transform your existing headset into a complete hypoxia and health safety monitoring solution with optional and controllable haptic feedback for a variety of use cases, including: depressurization, heart rate surges, low blood oxygen, absence of head movement, high cabin temperature, and elevated carbon monoxide, and the embedded potential for much more.

The Illyrian II converts any active noise cancelling headset into a safety wearable using simple 3M adhesive that will not leave a residue and is removable. The tiny unit is usable in a variety of configurations for headband or under the earcup oximeter placements. Moreover, the Illyrian II is constructed from lightweight aluminum - anodized and laser etched - which will elevate the appearance of your headset and visually demonstrate your commitment to safety, without adding measurable weight or size.

Additionally, the unit optionally supports mounting of the Aithre boom cannula of the left earcup, for an all-in-one oxygen delivery and hypoxia safety monitoring and alert system. The popular aluminum Aithre boom cannula is sold separately.

The haptic headset feedback is a first for aviation and one of the highlights of the Illyrian II. The use of repetitive audio speech for warnings can be obtrusive when flying an aircraft and engaging in communications with ATC or passengers. Instead of disruptive speech, the Illyrian II relies upon a subtle haptic vibration that is amplified by the earcup of an active noise-cancelling aviation headset so it can be heard and felt. This new modality provides information effectively, yet unobtrusively, and in a manner that is imperceptible to anyone else in the cabin.

The haptic vibrator settings and controls can be setup via the app, and felt via your headset, due to high levels of biologcial touch receptors around the ears. A simple pattern alerts the wearer to safety issues without auditory disruption and without requiring an expensive headset upgrade.
  • 1 Haptic Vibration => Cabin Temperature* or Miscellaneous**
  • 2 Haptic Vibrations => Heart Rate
  • 3 Haptic Vibrations => SPO2 or Carbon Monoxide*
  • 4 Haptic Vibrations => Cabin Altitude
  • 5 Haptic Vibrations => Head Movement
*Requires active use of Aithre Shield and Aithre Connect iOS app **Requires active use of Aithre Connect iOS app

Once the haptic thresholds and parameters are set in the Aithre Connect iOS app, the Illyrian II operates to monitor and provide alerts completely independently of the app, with the exception of carbon monoxide, cabin temperature, and other miscellaneous alerts. The Illyrian II will alert with a haptic vibration when the threshold is triggered, with a pattern that is easily recognizable based on the principle of more haptics for more trouble.

Supplementing the Illyrian II is the same Aithre Connect iOS app that works with our suite of oxygen system technology and hypoxia management tools. The app is optional for most of the functions of the Illyrian II as the haptic vibrations work independently once setup; however, the app provides enhancements and is required for CO and cabin temperature haptic vibrations. Having the Aithre Connect app open, enables the additional warnings of CO and cabin temperature to be passed using your existing installed or portable Shield CO detectors, which are sold separately.

The Illyrian II also provides additional feedback via the iOS Aithre Connect app. This includes use of the features enjoyed with the Illyrian I, such as SPO2 and heart rate graphing, but also includes Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and trends in head movement.

For customers with the Aithre Healthview and/or Shield EX 3.0, the Illyrian II will show up as a station pulse oximeter. This means up to 6 Illyrian II can be used in conjunction with the Aithre Healthview for output of multi-station blood oxygen and heart rate information to monitor the safety of you and your passengers. Additionally, the Illyrian II SPO2 information can be fed directly to your Garmin G3X, Dynon Skyview, and Advanced Flight Systems via the Shield EX 3.0. The Illyrian II is also usable for biometric feedback purposes of using the Healthview or iOS Aithre Connect app to assist the Avi smart oxygen systems. Note that some advanced and melt-Illyrian functions require use of the Aithre Connect iOS app.

The Illyrian II requires active use of the Aithre Connect app for carbon monoxide, cabin temperature, or other alerts. The Aithre Connect app acts as a data bridge between any Aithre Shield carbon monoxide detector and the Illyrian II to receive carbon monoxide and temperature information. When the Aithre Connect app is run in either foreground or background with full app permissions enabled, the Illyrian II will alert for user defined thresholds of carbon monoxide and cabin temperatures.

Power is via an exposed USB micro port. There is no internal battery, power levels, or on-off button to manage, greatly simplifying operation, reducing the weight and size of the Illyrian II, and minimizing the risk of inadvertent loss of power. Merely plug the in the Illyrian II to portable or dedicated USB power and the Illyrian II continuously operates for hours and hours at just around 10mA of current.

The silicone pad is a complete redesign of our original pad form. It is defined by a flat tapered wing shape with a honeycomb surface pattern. These improvements make the Illyrian II more comfortable to wear over long flights and less prone to shifting during head talking and movement. The Illyrian II pad remains designed for either headband or under the ear cup placement and the Aithre Connect iOS app is usable to find the perfect pad placement location for your body.

The Illyrian II is based on the same oximeter technology as the Illyrian I, which was given a prestigious Annual Editor's Choice award by Aviation Consumer magazine for 2018.

The Illyrian II smart oximeter is usable to provide constant, always-on pulse oximeter readings to your iOS device and Apple Watch. SPO2 readings are obtained using a thin sensor pad worn near the ear or on the forehead and then broadcast wirelessly to your Apple phone, tablet, and watch using the Aithre Connect app. Additionally, your SPO2 readings are output via your experimental avionics when using the companion product Shield EX 3.0 or the Healthview.

Additionally, the Illyrian II features continuous heart rate variability and heart beat monitoring, with continuous output and trend plotting for some key variables. With this technology, you can visualize how your heart rate and HRV change with altitude and blood oxygenation during different phases of flight.

Use up to 6 Illyrian II are usable simultaneously on the iOS Aithre Connect app and Aithre Healthview to monitor you and your passenger SPO2 and BPM data throughout a flight. Each station is monitored separately with independent plots of blood oxygen and heart rate information per passenger.

The Illyrian II works with the AVI smart oxygen systems to automatically turn on pulsed oxygen with low blood oxygenation readings, when used with the Aithre Connect iOS app. Additionally, the Illyrian unlocks the in-app option for lower than standard titrated oxygen for all altitudes.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Custom ultra-lightweight anodized aluminum shell with laser etching
  • Built-in pressure altimeter, 3 axis gyroscope, and pulse oximeter
  • Continuous SPO2, BPM, HRV, cabin pressure altitude, and head movement
  • Twin haptic vibration motors for customizable haptic indications
  • Custom silicone pad with tapered wing shape and honeycomb surface pattern for long lasting comfort
  • Compatible with Shield series of carbon monoxide detectors for CO and cabin temperature notifications when used with the Aithre Connect iOS app
  • Compatible with Aithre AVI series of smart oxygen systems when used with the Aithre Connect iOS app
  • Compatible with Aithre Connect iOS app for trending, enhanced notifications, and configuration setup
  • Compatible with Healthview biometric avionics system

In The Box

  • Illyrian II
  • Micro power cord
  • 3M adhesives
  • Sport headband for optional forehead placement
  • Aithre Connect iOS app



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