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Part# 13-06127
MFR Model# 200-616


The Eclipse Yoke is the high-end flight yoke with built-in rudder and throttle functions. Programmable fingertip paddles allow for both rudder functions in flight sims or shift for racing games. Color coded handles for throttle, prop and mixture, trim / scroll wheels and a three color selector dial gives you functions galore!


  • Fully programmable fingertip paddles, ideal for flight and racing sims
  • Programmable trim / scroll wheels with center push function
  • Two backlit push buttons and a third traditional push button
  • Two 8-way hat with rocker switch and trigger on both sides of handle
  • Configurable POV hat for either left or right hand use
  • Colored handles for throttle / prop / fuel mixture
  • Three color LED selector dial giving you a total of 240 programmable functions with CH Control Manager software
  • Six analog 10 bit axes for aileron, elevator, throttle, propeller pitch, fuel and rudder
  • New and improved industrial grade material / components; indestructible robust plastic, free floating shaft and clamp extenders for the thinnest of desks


I have owned the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke and CH Pro Pedals since 2004. I was looking to upgrade my setup now that I have moved from FS9 to FSX-Steam Edition and some high quality general aviation add-ons from A2A Simulations. I have had experience with the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, but sadly that was a disappointment. Looks great but in use, too many performance and quality issues. So keeping within my budget I decide to go with the CH Eclipse Yoke and CH Throttle Quadrant. I have NOT been disappointed. The new CH Eclipse Yoke has better desk clamps, the yoke handle feels more weighty and solid, the extra buttons and axis options along with the CH Throttle Quadrant allow me to personalize the configuration of any plane in the Sim. I can perform all stages of a flight from the CH controllers, only reaching for the mouse in the virtual cockpit to set Nav and Com radios, heading bug and the odd light switch. Since I already have the CH Pro Pedals, I use the faux pedals axis on the yoke handle for pan view left and right, its perfect. But most important is the performance and feel of the yoke itself. Smooth shaft movement, no dead zone and no detent. It gives precise control of the aircraft in both pitch and roll plus the option to use a trim wheel,... it just feels like the real thing, very realistic. For a serious simmer on a budget looking for the best controllers for general aviation, at this price point, CH Products may be the way to go. American made, good quality and built to last. I give it 5 stars out of 5. Also, thanks to Aircraft Spruce for their quick response to my inquiries and timely delivery... Great Service.

Paul C
May 15, 2019


Q: Will CH products compatible with Saitek throttle and other control from other brand?

The throttle system is independent from the yoke system. If both controls are compatible with the software they can be used simultaneously.

Q: Hi At 70 years and the least technical person of all time, here is my question. How hard is it to set up this Yoke ? I would be happy to have all the essentials working throttle, trim, landing gear, flaps, etc.... you get the drift. Put another way, Plug and Play. If this is achievable Im ready to buy.

Yes, this yoke is considered plug and play. Very simple to set up and use after the USB is connected.

Q: Is this compatible with Flight Simulator 2020 on PC?

We have been made aware that there are some plug and play compatibility issues. We have heard it can be used but takes some configuration.

Q: Is this product compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, this yoke is compatible with Windows 10.

Q: I have an iMac and xplane11 is it compatible

Yes, this works on XPlane11 with iMac.