EZ CoPilot Piper Archer II Checklist

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Part# 13-24614
MFR Model# PIP-28-181-II


A Smarter Aviation Checklist
The EZ Copilot TM Airplane Checklist is a must-have tool for General Aviation pilots who prioritize safety, efficiency, and convenience. Designed with a focus on practicality, this checklist offers a range of features that make it an invaluable asset in the cockpit.
Measuring a perfect 6″ x 9″ in size, the EZ Copilot TM strikes the perfect balance between being easily accessible and not taking up unnecessary space. It fits comfortably in your flight bag or cockpit, always within reach when you need it most.
Glide Radio: At a Glance TM
One standout feature of our product is its unique Glide Ratio: At a Glance TM section, setting it apart from traditional checklists. This innovative addition provides critical glide ratio data at a quick glance, giving you essential information to make informed decisions during emergencies. You can rely on this feature to enhance your situational awareness and maintain a higher level of safety.
The checklist is thoughtfully designed with contrasting colors that ensure readability under various lighting conditions. Whether you’re flying in bright sunlight or dim cockpit lighting, the EZ Copilot TM offers clear and easy-to-read information, reducing the chance of errors and enhancing your overall flying experience.
Packed with essential information, the EZ Copilot TM covers all the necessary details for your flight. It includes V-speeds, cruise information, and quick reference guides for short and soft field take-offs, catering to various flight scenarios. Having this comprehensive information readily available enables you to make precise calculations and perform confidently during each phase of your flight.
All In One
Convenience is key, and the EZ Copilot TM combines both normal and emergency procedures into a single checklist. You no longer need to shuffle through multiple documents or flip back and forth between different sections. This streamlined approach allows you to focus on the task at hand, ensuring a smoother and more efficient flight.
Customization is at the heart of the EZ Copilot TM. Recognizing that pilots have unique preferences and aircraft specifications, this checklist allows for easy customization. You can personalize the checklist to align with your specific needs, making it a tailored and intuitive tool that perfectly matches your flying style.
Tried and Tested
Rest assured, the EZ Copilot TM has been rigorously tested and proven reliable. It has undergone thorough evaluation by experienced pilots who value its accuracy and practicality. When you choose the EZ Copilot TM, you’re selecting a trusted and tried checklist that has earned its place in the aviation community.
An EZ-er Way to Fly
Elevate your flying experience with the EZ Copilot TM Airplane Checklist. Its user-friendly design, innovative features, and customizable options make it the ideal companion for every pilot. Stay safe, fly confidently, and simplify your cockpit workflow with the EZ Copilot TM.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Weight: 4oz
  • Dimensions: 6x9 in
  • Aircraft Manufacturer: Piper
  • Aircraft Model: Archer II
  • Aircraft Year(s): 1976-1994



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