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A great kneeboard featuring seven eyelets for securing checklists, plastic checklist pages or your in-flight guide - Every base has different spacing, so this board works awesome wherever you are! Available in Black, Blue, and Olive Green.


  • Includes the new flexible plastic clipboard
  • The 7 eyelets also correspond to Jeppesen approach plates and chart protectors


  • Folded: 6.5" X 1.5" X 9.5"
  • Unfolded: 10" X 8.5" X 1"
  • Writing Surface Area: 8" X 5"
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Jean P Verified Purchase


September 22, 2021

very good

Ron B Verified Purchase


June 8, 2021

Looks good so far.

Derrick L
May 3, 2021

This seems to accomplish all of my goals. My favorite part is the multiple pen holders and the loops for attaching checklists and such. I did have to purchase a strap extension as this was just about an inch too small for my thighs. I do not like the clear plastic strap that goes over the main area. I like to write and the clear strap gets in the way. I wish I could remove it without cutting it off.

March 7, 2020

Well made, no loose threads or whatnot and the elastic is very solid. Had the old trifolds before but this one more compact, gets less in the way of the yoke and still lots of people space for pens and extra batteries.

June 11, 2019

Really like the knee board! I have used mine for years, and now that my Wife is now learning to fly, I ordered her one. She loves it! Its great for holding pens/pencils, ear plugs, and a mini legal pad. We yoke mount our iPads so we dont need a iPad on our knees, just nice pad of paper. Its compact enough it doesnt interfere with anything in a PA28 I get the Inverted Strap for aerobatics and Fighter Pilots, but its more of a nuisance to a GA Driver.

Westwood A
September 27, 2018

Simply the best kneeboard. Got mine while flying with the RCAF over 20 years ago and it is still going strong. The only one I recommend for my students.

July 14, 2018

Nicely made will stay put better than my old cheapy

Steve H
July 5, 2018

Well made. Good strong leg strap. Best kneeboard.

Kent F
June 1, 2018

This is the same kneeboard I started my USAF career with in 1991. Liked it so much I bought another from FLYBOYS 6 years ago now I use both. Indestructible, has pouch to hold spare mission cards, plotter, etc. Clear document strap worked great with paper, now I use it to hold my iPhone. This is not a flimsy product and should last an entire flying career.

November 17, 2014


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