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Fuelhawk Universal 16 Inch Fuel Gauge

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Part# 13-00949
MFR Model# UNIV./16"


The Fuelhawk is clear lightweight and unbreakable. It's easy to use and gives an instant readout in gallons usable. No more guessing. These handy devices offer the answers to these very important questions:

  • How many gallons of usable fuel are still in
    the tank?
  • How much fuel can be added without going
    over gross weight?
  • Are the aircraft fuel gauges working and
Click Here for Calibration Instructions (PDF)


Works well, fast and accurately. Additional length provides additional safety to prevent dropping it into the Fuel Tank when measuring.

Spencer L Verified Purchase


June 9, 2021

Good way to have firm idea of how much fuel you have. Calibrate and carry the graph with the plane. Simple. No batteries required.

March 11, 2021

I just calibrated mine today. The process is easy and simple. Get the tanks as low as possible and then mark off every 5 gallons. The math came out PERFECT. Brimmed tanks came out to exactly my useable fuel capacity to within 0.2 gal +/-. I am extremely pleased with it and takes the guesswork out of filling the tanks. Also helps keep accurate burn rates for those of us without expensive engine monitors!

Alexander M
December 26, 2016

Been using this guy for several years now on my warbird. Have found it well-designed and durable, and Im about to get a second one for backup. When you stick your tanks before departure, it really doesnt matter how well the gauges work!

Schuyler R
May 17, 2016


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