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Part# 13-23178
MFR Model# HC003042


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to extremely high demand for flight simulation hardware, an extended lead time applies on this unit. We are accepting pre-orders and will fill the orders sequentially based on time and date of order (first come, first serve). We are anticipating early 2021 for any new orders placed for this unit.

Item qualifies for free ground shipping via UPS (Lower 48 USA Only - Additional Items May Void Promotion)

The Bravo Throttle Quadrant is an all-in-one cockpit system featuring a fully configurable throttle setup. Six general aviation and six commercial levers are included and can be arranged from single-engine general aviation all the way up to four-engine commercial aircraft. The commercial levers include flaps, spoilers, and functional thrust reversers while the general aviation levers include power, prop, and mixture and can engage thrust reverse for turbo props as well. The throttle also features multiple cockpit components including an autopilot panel with backlit buttons, annunciator panel with 14 warning lights, Gear Lever with landing gear indicator lights, general aviation flap lever and a trim wheel. The throttle also comes with Honeycomb's dual mounting system which includes two heavy duty steel clamps and a large 3M Micro-Suction Pad that can be used as a clamp-free solution. The Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant was designed to ensure the most versatile flight simulation experience possible.


  • System Compatibility:
    • PC
    • MAC
  • Connectivity:
    • USB-C cable
  • Software Compatibility:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator
    • X-Plane 11
    • Prepar3D


  • 6 Commercial Levers with flaps, spoilers, and functional thrust reversers
    • Two engine aircrafts
    • Four engine aircrafts
  • 6 General Aviation Levers with Functional TOGA (Go Around) Button for multiple aircraft configurations
    • Single engine
    • Single engine Complex
    • Multi-engine
    • Single and multi-engine turboprop
  • Annunciator Panel with 7 two-way programmable switches and 14 Warning Lights
  • General Aviation Flap Lever
  • Auto Pilot with backlit buttons
  • Adjustable Lever Tension
  • Gear Lever with Red/Green LED landing gear indicator lights
  • Trim Wheel
  • 2-year limited warranty

In The Box

  • Bravo Throttle Quadrant with Auto Pilot & Annunciator Panel
  • Mounting Plate with Suction Pad
  • 2 Clamps
  • USB Cable
  • Throttle Levers (Twelve)
  • Manual


Outer box ALMOST shows evidence of shipping, inner box is pristine. Unit arrived in mint condition, complete and intact. All in all, a fantastic product, GREAT value and well worth the wait. Thank you.

Jeremy W
January 2, 2021

Good product. Better service from aircraft spruce!

January 1, 2021

Out of the box, there were a few minor software issues, and a few things that needed to be configured that were not documented in the included literature. This led to multiple uncontrollable crashes initially, and made me wonder if the unit was defective. (It wasnât, it just needed to be properly configured) Thank goodness for YouTube !!! After watching a handful of videos... I got the software patch from Honeycomb installed that enabled the lights in MSFS 2020.. I created the separate profiles needed for the different throttle configurations i. e. GA Simple Single Engine, GA Complex Single Engine, GA Complex Twin Engine, Commercial 2 Engine, Commercial 3 Engine, Commercial 4 Engine, TBN930, etc. I fixed the auto pilot VS configuration issue with the Left Selector knob. I re-assigned the redundant panel switches with the Alpha Yoke unit. I learned how to use the Auto Pilot unit within the simulation. I assigned the rudder axis to the yoke roll axis (in addition to the ailerons), and the brakes to the yoke pitch axis (in Addition to the elevator), which eliminated the need for rudder pedals until the Charlie unit becomes available. Once these issues were all resolved, I can say that this unit has fully completed my Flight Simulation control needs, and has completely transformed my Flight Simulation experience! (This last comment can NOT be over emphasized!) The hardware is excellent quality, and the comprehensiveness of the controls make it an outstanding value! Hats off to Honeycomb for two amazing products. Both are highly, highly recommended!

A. T
January 1, 2021

This is a fantastic piece of gear. I cant believe I even considered buying a cheaper one and am super glad I didnt. It is strange to me that Honeycomb doesnt provide more information about it through. I had to watch various YouTube videos to learn how to make the lights work and how to really set it up the best way. Still, this is a must have!

January 1, 2021

Outstanding product. I have been enjoying it to a great degree. Since I am a real world pilot as well as a simulation pilot, I appreciate the fact that Aircraft Spruce offers products of this type to its clients.

John D
January 1, 2021


Q: Does the Bravo work with a non honeycomb yoke? I have a Logitech yoke and was wondering if it works with it?

Yes, it does not require the yoke to be the Honeycomb Alpha. It will still work as a throttle.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Honeycomb Bravo?

Approx dimensions 10" x 13" x 18".