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Jet Shades™ Premium Eclipse 500/550 Windshield

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Part# 13-22091
MFR Model# EA50-CP


Designed by pilots for pilots, the Eclipse 500/550 Premium Windshield Jet Shades provides maximum cooling and glare protection in the cockpit to further reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while flying. This updated design includes added security slots that allow you to add Velcro straps (included) on the sides of windshield jet shades for added security.

High-visibility Jet Shades in the cockpit side windows and darker tinted Jet Shades for the windshield.


  • Blocks 99.9% harmful UV
  • Block 94% of infrared light (heat)
  • Blocks 84% solar energy
  • Provides pilots with instant relief from solar energy while flying
  • Reduces glare by >80% for better contrast and visibility on instrument panels, smartphones and tablet devices
  • Minimizes eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Maintains pilot comfort during high sun glare flights
  • Effortless removal with patented friction-tab design
  • Protects aircraft interior from cracking and discoloration while parked
  • Enhances ramp appeal by giving your aircraft a “mirrored windows” look
  • A cool blue look on the inside and mirrored windows look on the outside for great ramp appeal
  • Use in flight and leave in on the ramp*

  • * Always follow the aircraft manufacturer’s and Jet Shades’ instructions when leaving Jet Shades installed while parked.


  • Dimensions: 21 × 21 × 3 in
  • Filter Level:
  • Blocks 72% visible light/ 99.9% UV/ 79% infrared light/ 44% solar energy/70% glare reduction

In The Box

  • 2 - Upper Windshield Jet Shades specially formulated with our Premium heat/glare protection. The updated design features security slots that allow you to add Velcro straps (included) on the sides of windshield jet shades for added security.
  • 1 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



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