Mini Dim-It Shade

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Part# 13-01758


The Mini-Dim-It diminishes the intensity of direct sunlight, auto headlights, glare and reflections!

This little visor is made of high strength, tinted lexan.. is distortion free & offers optical clarity when viewing objects and colors ie. traffic signals.

Place the Mini-Dim-It suction cup on windshield or window and press. (Sometimes a little saliva helps)

Extremely helpful in car, airplane, (even as a passenger on bus, train or plane) position on inside of window in the line with your eyes and "outside" rear view mirror. Really cuts rear headlight glare!

It can be rotated without re-positioning the cup.


  • Diameter: ~4.5 inches


Very helpful, just wish is was maybe 2 inches bigger

July 5, 2019

Needs a batter suction cup or lighter material. Perhaps a center mounted suction cup with a small knob might work a lot better.

March 17, 2021

I bought two of these and they repeatedly fell off after a few minutes. A little spit didnt help. Just too heavy and they droop down on any surface that isnt pure vertical - not good for sloping canopies. I also thought that the hard, heavy gauge material could scratch the Plexiglas canopy.

George K
October 12, 2016


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Q: What is the diameter of the Mini Dim-It Shade? Part # 13-01758

The approximate diameter of the Mini Dimi-It shade is 4-1/2".