Mini-Softie Emergency Parachutes

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Part# 13-03505-1A


The Mini Softie is an extremely small, lightweight and comfortable backpack parachute system designed for use in today's restricted cockpit enviroments.
The Mini Softie is for use by persons weighing up to 240 lbs. It is available with your choice of Conventional Harness or Aerobatic Harness.

The container is 2.25" thick x 15" wide x 23" long
Custom Sizing Available
Canopy Type: Steerable Conical
Total weight: 15 lbs
Please specify your harness choices and any options when ordering.

Conventional or Aerobatic Harness

Each Softie Emergency Parachute System comes with your choice of Conventional Harness or our exclusive Aerobatic Harness. You may also choose from a number harness and container options to customize your Softie to your individual needs.
    Conventional Harness
    The conventional harness has a fully adjustable main lift web which permits the harness to be adjusted to fit a wide range of individuals. The harness has connection points on each leg strap and on on the chest strap. The leg straps come standard with B12 Snap connectors. As an option, we offer Thread Thru Adapters or Quick Ejectors on the legstraps. The chest strap comes standard with a Thread Thru Adapter, a Quick Ejector is optional on the chest strap.

    Aerobatic Harness
    Our unique crossover style Aerobatic Harness is designed specifically for pilots doing high NEGATIVE G aerobatic manuvers. The harness is designed so that the legstrap connecting hardware is moved away from the hips where it can dig in and cause pain and discomfort during high negative G aerobatic manuvers. The harness is attached by having the legstraps pass through a high strength soft loop at the hip and then cross over and buckle on the opposite side of the harness just below the rib cage This unique design has proven to be very popular with aerobatic pilots.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Q: What is the minimum altitude required for a successful deployment?

Per the vendor, "minimum altitude is 400-500 feet."

Q: How often do you recommend repacking?

Here in the US it is 180 days (approx 6 months).

Q: How do I choose the colors and harness there is no option on the website?

When you add the product to your cart and go to checkout, you will be presented with questions to answer for the parachute, one of which is a color selection.