Economy Joint Banding Tool With Cutter

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Part# 12-00684
MFR Model# KDT-3191


Joint Claming tool with cutter - for 3/8" or 1/4" roll band. One unit per package.

View joint clamping instructions here.

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This tool works great. There are a couple issues with the Tool. The tensioning part is too far away from the clamp. It barely catches the strap to tighten it. Also the tensioning spool kept coming out of its hole. Tool worked but you just have to be aware of these issues.

Lawrence E Verified Purchase


June 2, 2021

Nice affordable Banding tool for clamping Fire Sleeves onto hoses. Makes nice professional looking clamps and online videos helped show use of the tool. I would have rated 5 stars but the winding shaft comes out of the frame when it doesnt have tension on it. Just takes a bit of attention when starting to tighten the clamp band but it could have a better way to retain shaft. Still a great tool compared to the high price of standard Banding tool.

Gary K
December 15, 2020

Work, good. Do the job..

Percio A
December 14, 2018

Gets the job done, it’s worth the $$ paid to have it. This is For making a couple of lines once in a while. Doing this on a daily or weekly basis might spend a little bit more money and get the next best tool. Clamp reel needs held in place while tightening. Cutting lever falls out. Overall not a big deal, with a little bit of ingenuity at home these things could be fairly easily remedied. I saved money by having this tool. I would do it again if I had to.

Jonathan S
May 19, 2021

The tool comes with zero instructions, however it is user intuitive after you figure out what each does. Just remember to feed through the front jaws, then position the cutter so that the flat cutter part is facing against the band. It will be a narrow slot but feed the band through that, and then feed through the winding mandrel. make sure it comes out the aft side if mandrel, and fold it. Wind till the band is snugly against the firesleeve. ( I am going to put a dogbone rachet on it the next time I use it) Use the cutting mandrel, rotate the handle and it will cut the band. cut off the band, or like someone suggested (though I have not tried) bend back and forth till the end snaps off. file or burnish so you dont cut yourself on the trimmed end. Rinse, repeat, etc. etc. A good tool for the price, and I recommend over the more expensive one, if you only plan on using it a few times a year. If youre a pro, buy the more expensive one. I Recommend this tool.

Les S
February 5, 2021

This tool appears mainly designed for automotive use for tightening CV joint rubber boot band clamps so watching youtube CV boot banding videos gives you a good idea how to use it however aircraft hose band clamps dont have ears for retaining the left over length after cutting so no need to fold it over. I cut most of the left over length with a Dremel tool. Also at least for 3/8 and 1/4 ID hose the winding mandrel on the tool is too far from the nose and wont initially tighten the band clamp so I had to tighten the clamps more before installing them by cutting a slot in a piece of metal and pulling on the clamp with a vice grip to get enough free length for the tool winding mandrel to work.

August 9, 2018

About what I expected for the price! It does get the job done.

Dean T
June 4, 2018

This tool is not the best but it works Ok, you can get good results with it. The directions are terrible so buy a couple extra clamps to practice with if youre a first timer. The key with using the band-it clamps with this tool is that this tool really only tightens the clamp, but thats all you really need it to doesnt cut it at the perfect length, it leaves an inch behind when you use the cutter. Ill give better directions....Tighten the clamp with the tool and go ahead and use the cutter on the tool, that will leave about an inch of strap sticking out. With youre fingers, bend the inch of strap left by the tool back and forth until it breaks at the buckle.

Luke B
January 4, 2018

The instructions left much to be desired but after one try I figured it out. Ok for my purposes but not very durable for lots of banding.

Joseph G
June 3, 2017

Poor quality, wore it out after just 4 hoses.

Robert V Verified Purchase


November 8, 2022


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Q: Do you have the bands that this tool uses? Or know where they are available?

Yes, we carry the Aeroquip and Stratoflex clamps. The part numbers for the Aeroquip clamps are 05-02652, 05-02653, and 05-02654.