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RV Jack Stand Kit

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Part# 12-00634
MFR Model# 561-1


Someday you’ll need to jack up your aircraft to install new tires, clean & grease wheel bearings, or fix a flat. This nifty jack stand is safer than using an engine hoist or the wing tie down location. Requires a modification to the axle nuts (about 1 hour). Kit includes the axle jack arm, axle nut modification hardware, & directions to modify the nuts. For hollow axles (Wittman style) Gear only. Uses automotive bottle jack. Jack not included. Not for RV-8s. For RV Gear Legs with Hole in Axle.
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Well made and very solid. Modifying the wheel nuts was straight forward. All parts required were included except for the new rivets. I now have a very safe method to jack my RV-6A main gear.

Chris M Verified Purchase


October 6, 2023

Works great, used it on a Pitts with rod gear modification.

July 6, 2021

I used this for my GlaStar with success. If you have wheel pants, you will have to make accommodations for the nut that secures the wheel, as with the covering of the axle you cannot properly secure it once off (spinning the wheel and tightening). The jack comes with a kit to make these modifications but I did not need to do so, as I dont have wheel pants. It definitely gets a little springy with all that weight/leverage on the Whitman gear and I wouldnt want to use outside in a breeze but it did work as needed for tire change/rotation. Long of the short: Off the shelf, with little modification, this is the best solution I could find for a GlaStar leg. I had used the hose clamp solution but they kept slipping and messing up my gear leg paint, no matter the tension. This (by aviation monetary units) inexpensive solution is well built and served my purposes and I suspect it will for others as well.

July 26, 2020


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Q: Will the RV Jack Stand suit a GlaStar? It appears from your photo that the tube/rod of the jack slides up the hollow axle - in my case, once I have removed the axle nut. What is the outside diameter of this tube / rod?

Per the vendor: The tube of the #561-1 jack stand is 12" long x 7/8" diameter with an inside hole of 1/2" (wall thickness of the tube is 3/16"); the end of the tube that goes inside the axle is turned down to .560" diameter x 3-1/2" long (this slides inside the axle). The jack stand is designed for the RV kit aircraft which has a 7/8" (.875" hole drilled in the axle). I'm not sure of the GlaStar axle hole size, but it should be about the same. Best bet would be to measure the hole in the GlaStar axle to be sure of the size.

Q: How do you get the wheel off the axle once you have it jacked up? Isn't the jack stand kit in the way? Or did I miss something?

Per the manufacturer: once the aircraft is jacked up and off the ground, the axle nut can be removed and the wheel assembly slides on to the tube. You can then lower the axle on to some wood blocks to secure the aircraft, and then take the wheel assembly off and do the necessary maintenance.

Q: How much does the RV Jack Stand kit weigh?

This product weighs approx 4.14 lbs.

Q: Will this RV jack stand work on all rv9 wheel assemblies?

Yes, this will work on the RV9, just not the RV8.

Q: Will this jack stand work on a Aeronca 7AC?

PER THE MANUFACTURER: This Jack stand is designed for the Van's RV aircraft (and other experimental aircraft) that use the Wittman style steel gear legs that have a 7/8 (.875) hole inside the axle part of the gear leg. This hole is to lighten the gear leg, and the 7/8 hole is drilled about 3 to 4 deep in the axle porting of the gear leg. You may want to check your airplane axles, and see if the axle has a hole in it, and if that hole is at least 7/8 diameter and about 3 to 4 deep. The jack stand would probably work, if that hole size is in the axle.

Q: It says the axle nut must be modified and hardware is included. We would like to see the directions that are included to modify the axle nuts and how this affects the installation of wheel pants.

We have added the instructions sheet to this web page in the Documents section.