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Description Tubing Size Hose ID Max PSI Wgt/Ft Part No. Price / Ft Buy / Ft
Aeroquip 303 Hose3/161/83000.120
Aeroquip 303 Hose1/43/163000.132
Aeroquip 303 Hose5/161/43000.156
Aeroquip 303 Hose3/85/162000.228
Aeroquip 303 Hose1/213/322000.264
Aeroquip 303 Hose5/81/21750.372
Aeroquip 303 Hose3/45/81500.456
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This standard hose is used in medium pressure A/C hydraulic, fuel, oil and coolant systems. An inner tube of seamless synthetic rubber is reinforced with a synthetic-impregnated single-wire braid over a single cotton braid and an outer cover of synthetic-impregnated oil-resistant cotton braid. Operating temperature -65 to 250F. Conforms to MILH-8794 (supersedes MIL-H-5511A). Used with Aeroquip 491 hose fittings. Sold by the foot.
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just what I ordered, a length of 303 hose

Dan C
September 4, 2020

Areoquip 303 hose does the job in my cherokee.

March 19, 2020

This is the ticket for replacing fuel lines in early, six cylinder Cessnas. I tape where I’ll be cutting it with a couple layers of tightly wrapped masking tape, then cut it with a fine toothed, bi-metal hacksaw. I then peel off the tape and trim back the outer cotton wrap and steel braiding about 1/8” and it’s ready to be screwed into the fitting: counter-clockwise (lefty-tighty). use plenty of oil on the inner fitting before you thread that inside the hose: clockwise (righty tighty). Use a mandrel! If you’re too broke to buy a new one, watch eBay for a used one, or borrow one.

Andy G
December 8, 2019

Item was just as described and hose build up was a snap with the associated fittings.

Micheal D
November 14, 2019

Great hose. Much easier to assemble than stratoflex. No fire sleeve required. If your old hoses are stiff replace them.

Top F
July 30, 2019

Wrong hose

January 18, 2019

This stuff lasts forever, but if the cloth braid tears and the underlying metal braid rusts, then the hose could eventually fail. Spruce always sends a piece longer than you ordered and thats good because the device they use to cut the hose makes it impossible to put the ferrule on. You need to make a very clean cut to be able to install the ferrules. I use a Dremel diamond blade cut off wheel.

May 24, 2018

Carrizozo A
March 31, 2018

Great project part for student projects.

Ed B
October 16, 2017

Now this hose was the best to work with!!! The inside ID was perfect for the fitting. The fitting went on and off with no problem the best so far. Great hose to work with. I cut with a zip blade on the 5 grinder good stuff.

James E
March 10, 2017


Q: Does this hose have a shelf-life?

Yes, the factory gives an 8 year shelf life on 303 hose.

Q: Can you use regular AN fittings on this Aeroquip 303 hose?

No, Aeroquip 303 hose requires 491 Aeroquip fittings.

Q: If this hose is used for fuel line, and is installed within its shelf life, is its installed service life limited to 8 years before needing replacement?

Eaton recommends you replace the 303 hose after 5 years of service.

Q: Is the Aeroquip 303 hose priced and sold by the foot?

Yes, it is priced and sold by the foot.

Q: Does the Aeroquip 303 hose contain any metal or wire? Is it conductive?

The tech data sheet shows the Aeroquip 303 hose has a carbon steel wire braid reinforcement. It does not give any information regarding how conductive it may be.

Q: Do you still need to use fire sleeve for this Aeroquip 303 hose?

It is up to you if you would like to use a firesleeve on this hose or not. It will all depend on your application if you were to need a firesleeve. If you were to get a fire sleeve for hose 303-4 for example, you will need to get P/N# 05-01843.

Q: Does this hose use the same fittings as the stratoflex 111 hose?

It is recommended to use Stratoflex fittings with Stratoflex hose, and Aeroquip fittings with Aeroquip hose. The Aeroquip 303 and Stratoflex 111 are equivalent to each other, and some have used parts interchangeably, but we have no documentation as to how well they will work.

Q: How long is this Aeroquip 303 hose?

This hose is priced and sold by the foot. When you enter quantity, you are entering the number of feet you would like to order.

Q: What is the OD of 303-3 hose?

0.453 OD.