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Stainless steel safety wire furnished in convenient 1 lb. dispensing container. Available in Type 302/304 stainless steel (soft temper) per MS20995.


Product as expected and advertised. Always fast shipping and great product support.

Don D
September 21, 2020

very good !

Shigeru T
September 14, 2020

Except for almost $15 postage charged for the $8, 1 pound spool of Safety wire, the experience was great.

May 28, 2020

I actually am using this in my protected masks for the pandemic. The wire is easy to work with, easy to cut and easy to manipulate.

April 25, 2020

Exactly the safety wire I was seeking. The container however is a cardboard tube container and would have wished that a plastic longer lasting container would have been used instead..

Bohdan H
March 29, 2020

Looks good came in a neat plastic protector

Rawley D
March 15, 2020

Easy to use

Rich Z
March 5, 2020

Love dealing with Aircraft Spruce. I trust them. They have excellent pricing and ship right away.

Champion B
December 30, 2019

Not much to say... safety wire is safety wire (at least, I assume/hope it is as I dont have a metalurgy degree to confirm). But ACS support and speed of delivery were awesome, as always... and the price was good.

Steve H
December 6, 2019

Good product manufactured to spec. Service I received is excellent. Good price, fast shipping along with an easy to navigate website. Thank you

October 24, 2019


Q: What is the typical size for safety wire on an oil filter for a 200hp Continental?

We always recommend to refer to your maintenance manual to verify any information. .032" is a commonly used size.

Q: Need a few feet of safety wire for RV 7A aileron trim adjustment. I have the .032 from you guys but it calls for .042. Do they make that and do you have it?

We do not stock .042 safety wire. The closest we have to that size is .041. We may be able to special order it. To special order, please call sales at 877-477-7823.

Q: Is this type wire suitable for the Cessna 172' (1998 Model) champion oil filter?

Yes, stainless steel safety wire is commonly used to safety wire oil filters, but we always suggest referring to the aircraft maintenance manual to verify any parts or procedures.

Q: Approximately how many feet are in a one pound spool of .041 safety wire?

Approx. 223 feet per pound for .041" safety wire.

Q: For the .025 safety wire, how many feet per LB? Thanks!!

Approximately 598 ft per 1 lb spool.

Q: What is length of a full spool of safety wire?

The length of a full spool will depend on the size. For example, a 1 lb spool of .025 safety wire has approximately 598 ft, while a 1 lb spool of .041 safety wire has approximately 223 feet.

Q: How many feet are in the 1 lb spool of safety wire part # 05-02684?

Approximately 935 feet in a 1 lb spool of SAFETY WIRE 302/304 SS .020, part # 05-02684.

Q: What is the wire diameter for this safety wire? Shouldnt that be the first thing you answer in item description?

There is a dropdown selection box on the page which allows you to select your wire diameter. This is available in .20, .25, .32, .41, and .51. Please make your selection and then click "Add to Cart" to move the item into the shopping cart for checkout.

Q: How many feet in a 1 lb .032 wire?

Approximately 362 feet.

Q: Is the .032 wire good for most experimental aircraft bolts?

.032 is a common size, yes.