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AveoAir™ Ball Vents are machined from 2024 aluminium alloy, and these lightweight vents are anodized in your choice of 2 color finishes: Silver or Black.

Installation is simple with 2-piece design, no screws are required as they simple thread together to hold securely.

ONLY AVEO VENTS come with a choice of 3 rear standard SCAT tube coupler diameters so you can optimize your air flow. Choose from 1.5", 1.75" or 2.0" diameters (38 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm).

Note: Actual finish is a matte silver, not the shiny silver in the photo.


  • CNC machined from 2024 aluminum
  • Anodized in silver or black
  • Single-hand operation
  • Easy Install
  • Fits all SCAT tubing
  • Adjustable air flow
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Excellent quality.

January 14, 2019

Well designed, high quality vent that belongs in an aircraft. airflow stops when closed. No extra adapters to connect to scat hose. clean & functional.

John S
March 11, 2017


Q: Regarding the AveoAir Ball Vents: They are pictured as a pair. Do they in fact come as a set of two?

No, that is for illustration purposes to show two different sizes. These vents are priced and sold individually.

Q: How much does each 2 inch Aveoair Ball Vent weigh?

Each of the Aveoair 2.00 inch ball vents weighs approximately 0.17 lbs. The 1.50 & 1.75 inch vents also weigh approximately 0.17 lbs.

Q: I see that other brands of vents boast STC approval. Is it necessary to have an STC to install these AveoAir Ball vents?

FAA approval is required to replace parts on certified aircraft. You should consult with your A&P mechanic to confirm this would apply to this vent, or if it would be considered a minor alteration.

Q: What is the maximum thickness of panel can these be used on?

Per Aveo: The front screws onto the SCAT back so theoretically one could use a thickness of up to almost the length of the shaft of the ball vent front, but not advisable as you would want to have the SCAT back securely turned on....

Q: Do these Aveoair ball vents twist to shut the air completely?

Yes, they do.