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This seal was developed from a special rubber compound that meets Military Specifications and FAA requirements for aircraft seals. The rubber compound developed for the seal has a memory, compresses, and conforms to the sealing surface providing a perfect seal. The seal comes with pressure sensitive adhesive that makes it easy to apply and bonds well with any metal surface painted or bare.

*For specific model #'s see Application Guide*

The seal does not install on the door(s), but instead installs in the channel on the fuselage opening(s) which allows for complete closing and sealing of the doors. This provides for an air and water tight seal. A seal kit was also designed for the baggage doors which have had a history of leaking water. FAA/PMA Approved.
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Easy to install and generally good quality foam but, being installed on the fuselage and not the door itself, it is easily subject to damage. My old one lasted 15 years and was only replaced because I ran out of spare material to replace sections torn during loading/unloading baggage.

Thomas W Verified Purchase


July 14, 2022

Initially it looks and sticks ok but the foamy composition starts breaking soon. Plus anyone coming into the airplane hits it contributing to the issue. I need to replace it again...

January 5, 2020

This product is useless. It is nothing more than a foam strip with double stick tape. It will not go into the place of the original seal. With it on the airframe instead of the door it is destroyed every time someone gets in or out. Do not waste your money.

Mark G
November 22, 2021


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Q: Can the Mooney Door Seals be owner installed or do I need an A/P mechanic to sign off?

If you currently hold a pilot certificate issued under part 61, you can perform preventive maintenance which means simple or minor preservation operations. This means the replacement of small standard parts not involving complex assembly operations.