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Style No. 2B Seat Belt

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Part# 13-19601
MFR Model# FDC6400187-080


These are top quality, new manufactured assemblies. They are designed, manufactured, and proof tested to rigid FAA standards. All belts use proven lift to release style Davis metal to metal buckles. Push-to-release buckles are not used due to difficulties in releasing under emergency conditions. Aircraft quality alloys and 2-inch nylon webbing are used throughout. Belts are certified to FAA TSO-C22f.

If belts are needed to replace worn ones in an aircraft in which the attachment fittings have been installed and approved, it is customary to install belts with a slide adjustment bar which permits weaving webbing through existing fitting and through bar for secure installation. Uses #442868 clip type end fittings. Standard equipment in White Lightning aircraft. Black only. Drawing shows correct method of lacing the webbing through bar. This 56" adjustable seat belt offers a heavy-duty combination of all-nylon 2" wide herringbone webbing.

The end fitting hooks have spring loaded clips that allows each side of the lap belt to clip on to an existing fastener or rod. When the clip is closed the effective hole dia. for both these belts is .37 in.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: Whats the difference between a 1B and a 2B seat belt?

The difference is that the 1B has only an adjustable buckle as the 2B will have an adjustable buckle as well as a 3 bar adjuster.

Q: Does the 2B seat belt come with cert. sewed into the belt or otherwise attached?

Yes, this comes with the cert sewed onto the belt with the TSO listed.