David Clark ANR Headset H10-13X -Dual GA Plugs

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Part# 11-03819
MFR Model# 40411G-06


The David Clark H10-13X Fixed wing headset (ENC) comes with a straight, 5ft. cord to Battery Power Module to straight 5ft. cord with A/C Panel-Intercom Plugs (hardwired).

Quiet Performance
You'll hear and feel the difference immediately. When the ENC is turned ON, noise cancellation actually improves by an additional 12-17 dB. That's better total protection than any other headset available today.

Outstanding Comfort
The Super-Soft, Double-Foam Headpad will improve the comfort and “wearability” of all H10-series headsets. It is wider and more tapered with 60% more surface area in contact with the head to dissipate headset weight. Its unique center “hinge” actually lets the headpad “breathe” for greater comfort. It also eliminates irritation while wearing button-top baseball caps.

The new Comfort-Gel Ear Seals have a patented undercut design and are 26% lighter and allow 30% more interior room for your ears, making for a quieter, more comfortable flight.

Superior Communication Intelligibility
The ENC system and the exclusive M-7A noise cancellation electret microphone provide unsurpassed performance and clear, crisp transmission and reception. Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.

Satisfaction Assured
This unique headset carries the standard 5-year guarantee, backed by the most exceptional customer service policy that has best been described as "unbelievable.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Purchased this headset in 2011. They have been flawless. The ENC /ANC is great and although I dont have hearing issues, I can not fault them...

September 21, 2022

Depreaux Verified Purchase


September 28, 2021

This was my first ENC headset, purchased in 2003, and I have been very happy with it. Flipping the switch from passive to active noise cancelling makes a world of difference. One word about David Clark service: stellar. I pulled these out of storage after a long layoff from flying. The battery compartment cover had gone missing, and David Clark sent me a replacement for no charge. I noticed that the hard rubber jack coverings were beginning to crack with age, and the microphone was functioning intermittently. I sent the headset to David Clark for a repair estimate. The estimate was $300, plus shipping. When I questioned the cost, I learned that the cost for the parts to be replaced alone cost more than $300, but that David Clark capped their repair cost at $300 (labor included). Pretty much everything electronic was replaced. Thus, I got essentially a new set of headphones for less than half the cost of a replacement set. DC even replaced the comfort headband and gel earseals I had previously upgraded to with new ones, and they returned my old ones with the headphones so I can use them on another set. Ive been a David Clark customer for 30 years, and will be for life.

May 22, 2021

Very noticeable difference when the noise cancellation switch is turned on. I fly a searey with a 912 that has a very small, muffler. I handed my headset to my passenger, after he put them on I switched the active noise reduction switch on and he immediately asked me what happened? I have no other active noise reduction headsets to compare to, but I am happy with these.

Dennis C
March 29, 2019

I felt that the ANR in this unit was very poor quality. I realize it’s a less expensive unit than the ONE X , but the anr was really more of an annoyance than a help. Would not recommend. Spend the extra money for the ONE X or a Bose. I am very happy with my ONE X

Patrick S
October 17, 2020

Purchased this headset for my open cockpit Skybolt. The ENC was completely ineffective in an open cockpit environment.

Stephen T
July 12, 2018


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Q: What is the weight of the David Clark ANR Headset H10-13X?

This headset weights 18 oz without the cord assembly.

Q: David Clark H10-13X: What is the difference with the DC PRO X active? They seem similar to me.

The DC pro X has ear cups that are on-ear meaning they don't fully enclose around the ear. The H10-13X has over ear cups that fully enclose around the ear. The DC Pro X will be lighted but it is more geared towards commercial pilots and the H10-13X is more common for general aviation.

Q: What battery is used with this David Clark H10-13X ANR headset?

One 9v battery for ANR operation.

Q: What is the battery life with this David Clark H10-13X headset?

Per David Clark, The headset uses a 9V battery that can last up to 25 hours of operation.

Q: How long is the cord on the H10-13X dual plug headset? The picture makes them look short.

Its 55" to the box and 115" total length to the tips.

Q: Is this David Clark H10-13X headset stereo? Is it bluetooth ?

It is stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems. It does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

Q: Difference between H10-13X and XP?

The plug style is the only difference. The H10-13X has dual GA plugs, the H10-13XP has a single lemo panel power plug.

Q: Difference between H10-13X and 13XL?

The difference is the H10-13XL has a battery (for the noise canceling) that can be disconnected. The H10-13X has the battery box integrated into the cable.

Q: Do the David Clark ANR HEADSET H-10-13X DUAL GA PLUGS works for any cessna 172? Also do they work if they are connected to the airplane but without the 9v battery?

Yes, the Cessna 172 is generally outfitted with dual GA input jacks meaning this headset will connect. Yes, it works without the 9volt battery but only as a passive headset, no active noise cancelling.

Q: What does stereo compatibility mean?

It is stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.