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Part# 11-18537
MFR Model# PA-OPC 499


ICOM OPC499 Headset adapter for ICOM Handheld A6, A14, A24
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Aircraft Spruce makes good stuff. All the adapters Ive purchased from them have been of excellent quality and function perfectly.

February 27, 2020

Good Quality and works great, Thanks

John D
November 10, 2019

Fits perfectly and arrived on time and schedule!

November 10, 2019

Well built ans works. Using this adapter the A14 supplies side-tone which is nice.

Marc D
March 28, 2019

Fast shipping

Mario L
June 14, 2018

Works great. Highly recommend.

February 18, 2018

Good price, good product, prompt shipping

January 8, 2018

Works just as advertised. The construction of it is very high-quality.

Joseph D
July 7, 2017

works as advertised- easy to connect and works with any of the five headsets that I have.

William R
June 30, 2017

I had trouble with the molded plug at the radio plug. Loud squeals, carrier only and intermittent transmitting without pushing the PTT. The receptacle at the radio is slightly recessed and the plug was not making full contact. A little shaving and sanding of the rubber plug allows a proper seat and now it works perfectly. I am using a IC-A14. Happy now but others have tried ferrite cores and RF chokes trying to eliminate the feedback.

William R
September 19, 2017


Q: Are the Icom headset adapters for dual plugs GA style headsets?

Yes, they are for the mic/headphone plugs for general aviation headsets.

Q: Does this ICOM headset adapter work on A-22 transceiver?

Yes, this product will work with the Icom A22 radio.

Q: Does OPC-499 headset support PELTOR headset with J11 connector?

The Icom headset adapter (11-18537) is designed to work with dual GA plugs. The Peltor J11 connector will not work with this adapter.

Q: I see 3 female inputs on this Icom Headset adapter, what is the 3rd one for? My last piece like this only had the 2 for dual GA plugs.

The small female input is the pigtail for the Icom PTT Switch part # 11-18529.

Q: Does this work with an Icom IC21 radio?

No, this will not work on the IC A21 radio.

Q: Does this work on Icom IC A3 radios?

No, this will not work with the A3 radio.

Q: Will this work with the new Icom A16 Radio?

No, for the Icom A16 radio, use headset adapter Part# 11-17397.

Q: Does it work with IC-A6 Radio?

Yes, this adapter works with the Icom A6 radio.

Q: Yes it does work with the A3 transceiver, same as A22. Someone asked and your answer was no, that is wrong.

This adapter does not work on the A3 or A22 radio.

Q: Does this adapter work for the iCOM IC A16?

No, for the A16 use adapter Part# 11-17397.