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Stereo Headphone Jack, 3-Circuit SWC-12B
Mono Headphone Jack, 2-Circuit JJ-034
Microphone Jack, 3-Circuit JJ-033
Music 3.5mm Jack
Helicopter Headset Jack
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Contact springs are of special alloys for long life. Insulation is high dielectric strength phenolic. Tinned terminal lugs for easy soldering. Short frame. Mounts by 3/8-32 threaded bushing and nut. Open circuit until plug inserted.
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Super duper Excellent!!! Best thing since sliced bread, toilet paper, and the Ercoup

Jesse U
May 3, 2021

Quick service, high quality.

Phillip T
November 3, 2020

Good quality at a fair price.. I would buy again and recommend to my friends

Graham S
November 2, 2020

Worked perfectly

July 22, 2020

Excellent quality. I’ve bought over 150 of these for projects and they’ve always been well made and delivered quickly.

Rob H
March 23, 2020

Order arrived ahead of promised date, was complete and correct.

December 15, 2019

Excellent product. These panel jacks have a slightly smaller diameter, and provide about twice the “retaining” power compared to similar products.

Raymond R
November 21, 2019

Its a good quality jack

October 1, 2019

Not much to say but Good quality

October 1, 2019

Fantastic service. Ordered the gear and it arrived at my address in Australia within days. Better service than I get from Australian businesses.

John M
September 7, 2019


Q: Do these jacks come with associated mounting hardware (metal washer, insulating washer, nut)?

The Headset Panel Jacks do come with a metal washers and nuts but the insulating washer is purchased separately. Part# 04-00975 - Insulated Flat Washer Part# 04-00976 - Insulated Shoulder Washer

Q: What type of insulated washer should I purchase for headphone and microphone jacks part numbers 11-04936 and 11-05995?

Please see part #'s 04-00975 and 04-00976 for the appropriate insulated washer and shoulder washer.

Q: Trying to understand this confusion. What type of headphone jacks do I need to buy for standard GA headphones? Have Lightspeed Zulu headphones.Do these jacks come in sets for GA headphones? I am building a homebuilt plane.

Yes, if your Lightspeed headset has two plugs on the end of it and uses batteries to operate, then it is a Dual GA style headset. In that case, you will need one of part # 11-04936, which is the headphone side, and one of part # 11-05995, which is the mic side.

Q: What is the weight of these components? Part # 11-05995 and 11-04936

Part # 11-05995 SWITCHCRAFT SWC S12B MICROPHONE JACK JJ-033: weight approx 0.02 lbs.
Part # 11-04936 SWITCHCRAFT STEREO HEADPHONE JACK SWC-12B: weight approx 0.03 lbs.

Q: I have a helicopter with two plugs, does the 11-09334 come as a set or do I need to order a plug for each size?

These are priced and sold individually. One jack for an order of one.

Q: From what i can tell you only need the insulated flat washer and the insulated shoulder washer for the mic jack and not the headphone jack, however reading below it would seem you need it for both jacks. Please clarify.

We recommend using the those washers for each jack in your installation.

Q: Are these solder only or screw connections?

These require a solder connection.

Q: Please suggest wire part number appropriate for these jacks.

You can use shielded wire. The three conductor for stereo installations part # 11-05651.

Q: Do you sell just the nut for the jack seperately?

We do not have a separate part number for the nut as it comes together with the jack.

Q: Not sure which one would be for the Dual GA Plugs?

Part # 11-05995 is the mic jack for dual GA. Part # 11-04936 is the stereo headphone jack for dual GA.